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I can remember feminists yelling and screaming a few years ago that there were not enough female directors involved in the film industry and they all of a sudden went quite and nothing more was mentioned or said regarding that action. So, it created some interest, as I wondered why the usual nasty and obnoxious ragers were deterred from taking their usual rabid actions. I also wondered the whole hollywood industry went all PC and pro-feminist, there were all types of series and movies where women were shown to be heroes, powerful enough to kick any male in the balls, toss any male around twice their size, sexism increased against men exponentially and why all of a sudden there were more female leads overall..

So it made me wonder how all that was influenced and how that all came about until I found this little sexist gem..
Now bear in mind also that this is the same routine that feminists forced on all companies and government departments, so there is not one single female in any of those positions who can claim that they received or was installed into their position because of their ability as it was guaranteed to them because of their sex, they got the job because they had a vagina, it's that simple. All at the expense of men..

You will employ women, more women and after that more women still..
A. The parties hereto reaffirm their commitment to a policy of nondiscrimination and fair employment in connection with the engagement and treatment of principal performers and extra performers
(“performers”) on the basis of sex, race, color, creed, national origin, age, disability, or sexual orientation,
in accordance with applicable State and Federal law, nor shall any inquiry be made with respect to a
performer’s marital status, sexual orientation, national origin, age, creed or disability. 8
B. Producer shall cast performers in accordance with the above policy in all types of roles, having due regard for the requirements of, and suitability for, the role so that, for example, the American Scene may be portrayed realistically. To that end, due regard shall be given to women, minorities, performers with disabilities and seniors in all aspects of society. The parties agree that the Producer shall retain its exclusive creative prerogatives.
  In furtherance of the foregoing, the Producer shall make good faith efforts to seek out and provide audition opportunities for women, minorities, performers with disabilities and seniors.
C. Consistent with the foregoing, best efforts shall be made to seek out and include women, minorities, performers with disabilities and seniors in the casting of commercials thereby creating fair, equal and non stereotyped employment opportunities. When a role being cast depicts a person with a specific disability, the Producer agrees to include that fact in the casting specifications and, at the same time, to notify the Union of such specifications so that performers with the same disability may be informed and given the opportunity to audition for the role starting with the first audition. Producer agrees to equal employment opportunities (including auditions) for women and men for off-camera roles having due regard for the requirements of and suitability for such roles. 
D. When applicable, and with due regard to the safety of cast, crew and other persons, women and minorities shall be considered for stunt doubling roles and for scripted and unscripted stunts on a functional non discriminatory basis.
  Producer shall make every effort to cast performers with physical disabilities for scripted and unscripted stunts for which they are qualified and with due regard to safety, in roles portraying their particular disability such as wheelchair stunts or stunts involving the use of other adaptive devices, e.g., crutches, prostheses, etc. The Union’s skills and talent bank is a resource that can be utilized in ascertaining the availability of such performers.
Where the stunt performer doubles for a role which is identifiable as female and/or Black, Latin-Hispanic, Asian-Pacific or Native American and the race and/or sex of the double are also identifiable, Producer shall make every effort to cast qualified persons of the same sex and/or race involved. Producer reaffirms that this Section 14 prohibits the practice commonly referred to as “painting down”.
The stunt coordinator shall make every effort to identify and recruit qualified minority and female stunt performers and qualified stunt performers with disabilities prior to the commencement of production.
E. In accordance with the foregoing policy, the Union reaffirms its policy of nondiscrimination with respect to admission to membership and rights of membership.
F. The Standing Committee shall also serve as a Committee on Fair Employment Practices to consider any complaints hereunder.
G. Producer shall not use any information contained on INS Form I-9 to discriminate against any performer on the basis of sex, race, age or national origin in violation of this Contract or law.
To that end, INS Form I-9 information which is protected by equal employment laws or by this Contract shall be maintained in confidence.
The parties agree further that the Standing Committee shall meet to establish mutually acceptable
Immigration Reform and Control Act verification procedures which will maintain such confidentiality.
H. Disputes relating to provisions of this Section 14 shall be referred to the Industry-Union Standing
Committee and unless resolved by the Standing Committee within 90 days of the date of the Standing Committee’s meeting, the dispute shall be arbitrable.