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This post by Alcuin would just about sum up the entire reason for the existence of the MRM (Mens Rights Movement)..

Sadly, all men in the past were hoodwinked by this lying and dishonest doctrine. Were it not for the men promoting this, it would never have eventuated. But now, after their lies and dishonesty have been soundly demonstrated and their end goal recognised, why are people still promoting it and why are there the odd younger members of society even considering this blatantly toxic and unworkable doctrine as some form of salve that will end their imaginary fixations ?..

Feminist Steps to Power 
Feminist logic works backwards. Start with the end, then find out how you can pull it off.
The end: Encaged, powerless men serving women. Everything defined by women's needs. Female emotions define the truth. Men serve that truth. Women do not have to justify themselves, their actions, or their emotions, whereas men never can justify themselves, and have value only in relation to how they serve women.
Intermediate steps: Eliminate fairness; hand everything to women, and prevent men from opportunity.
Construct female victimhood. Carry out an endless smear campaign against men while pedestalizing women. In short, demonize men as deadbeat dads, wife batterers, pedophiles, corrupt businessmen, rapists, idiotic Everybody Loves Raymond types. Ignore the heroic services of men: Say "firefighters", not "firemen", for example, or "miners trapped down a hole" rather than "men trapped down a hole". When there's a tragedy, and 30 men die and one woman, say "one woman among the dead" to highlight how tragic and significant a woman's death is in comparison to the ho-hum event of the death of men. It is to be expected, in other words, that men will die in service to women. Male death is not significant.
Hide the real aims of feminism behind aspirational, idealistic language, such as talk about rights and equality. These, never the real goals, are intermediate steps that, in zero-sum thinking, take away "power" and "rights" from men. Men will not be allowed to have such powers and rights.
Make women's demands seem innocuous enough. Make people presume that women are innocent, passive, never manipulative or in control.
Keyster in the Comments at The Spearhead said it best:
Ignore the truth. Change the truth. Make the truth conform to the ideology. Make reality serve the ideology. Then eventually the ideology, however deceitful and satanic, becomes the reality. Step-by-step, no one realizes it. People become accustomed to it, and then you move on, to the next step.
Victimhood unites them against a perceived enemy that they can blame for not rising up to the same levels (of imagination and innovation) as men. Victimhood gives them power, yet they fail to see this contradiction. If they weren’t victims they’d have to actually PROVE they’re just as forthright and capable as a group. They won’t and they can’t because they know they’ll fail. Victimhood gives them a false sense of higher self-esteem. They find strength in being victims, because it’s what they’re best at doing. And those that claim they aren’t victims are told they really are, but just don’t realize it.