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Well, this is so really important it would appear as many have ofcourse casted aspersions about the Duchess and sister and one must decide for themselves whether or not that statement is true..

Buckingham Palace has released a statement concerning the Body Mass Index of the Duchess of Cambridge.
"Medical experts have confirmed that Catherine Middleton is within a healthy range," the statement reads.
"Please refrain from making disparaging remarks about the Duchess' weight. Such comments amount to skinnyism of a most serious nature."
The statement also refers to rampant arseism surrounding the Duchess' sister, Pippa: "She would dearly love to put this unsavoury incident behind her," it says.

Kate and Pippa obviously do not suffer from anything besides the envy of English as well as American women wishing they were half their own size..
Envy is a shocking thing. The ongoing harping of women pretending to be journalists cannot resist sniping about what they wish they had and looked like..

It does remind me of the words in that song by Van Morrison "All the girls walk by dressed up for each other". If you have a look on the web it will demonstrate exactly what that means when you type in Pippa or Kate's name..
Not that I actually give a rat's rearend but it does create a distraction as well as mild entertainment..

Personally, I like my woman with a bit more meat on em!!

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