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A couple of days ago I was listening to one of those painful videos about the Slutfest erm!, slutwalk saga and in the interview one of those feminist clones misspoke (good excuse for lying) that word and stated that it was a fenimist. Now I do realise that being a fenimist requires a distinct level of cognitive dissonance as we all are well aware, as that dysfunctional mindset is actually inherited, it is learnt, it is adopted by the sheeple and promoted by the psychotic elites of that movement in the likes of Mary Daly (kill all men to 10% of the population) Andrea Dworkin (all men are rapists) Gloria Steinem (all men should have a false rape claim against them) and ofcourse the number one queen of psychosis,  Betty Friedan. (I am incensed about misleading allegations of spousal abuse made by my ex-wife, Betty Friedan. They are all delusions,). If you Google Friedan you will see one almost positive quote she has made concerning both men and women, that would have been way past a full moon and medication working wonders. But feminist sites promote that one liner as if was something or a demonstration that it was actually being reasonable or in some proves that it was actually, human..

So the mispronounced term (fenimist) would make an interesting alternative as it would actually explain a little more about their current thinking paradigm as well as their dysfunctional mindset. So let's see if we can utilise the fenimist word and generate a new meaning just for the hell of it, any other interpretations are welcome..

Fenimist - A delusional human being lost in the fog of delusion..

Fenimistic - A members of the movement who generates that fog of delusion in order to control and manipulate..

Fenimistosis - A human being suffering from the affects of the fog of delusion without realising that the affect is noticeable by people outside their delusional world but refuse to accept undeniable facts and reasoning. It's akin to a dose of schizophrenia, sufferers refuse to accept the bleeding obvious also refuse to accept the appropriate treatment..