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It use to be the case that all mental patients were kept in the wards until some bright spark thought it would be advantageous for society and help the afflicted to be let loose, just to see how they would assimilate..

Sadly, we witness the increase in those afflicted as well as others, not taking their medicine on time or it just ain't doing the job properly plus there is no supervision either..

Oh look, here is one now. Unfortunately that same affliction has spread amongst an entire group of people, who now use that as an excuse for their bad, hysterical behaviour. These people will be the same ones who will line up in older years and confess that they were only doing what the little voice in their head to them to.

Eco-supremacy movement preparing for assassinations

Don't think they're not serious. These people are fanatics dedicated to the destruction of the industrial economy, and you along with it. They worship Terra, or as they would put it, Mother Earth or Gaia, and to think that their peacenik exterior does not hide an increasingly sadomasochistic core of potential killers is delusional. They believe they are at war with Humanity for the sake of a deified planet--and now they're openly weighing, not in terms of morality but in terms of a cost-benefit ratio, murder. Rape and other forms of terrorism, especially biological warfare, would be particularly appropriate for eco-supremacists to use against the "maggots" and "parasites" that are defiling their deity.

Deep-ly disturbing
Deep Green movement advocates sabotage and assassinations

This article only touches one side of one trunk of the ecology movement. This beast has two trunks: eco-terrorism and eco-fascism. The former seeks to destroy industrial civilisation through terrorism, the latter through public policy. Hating humanity, both, by denying human progress, intend genocide. If Terra is said to be supreme over man, does not that make ecology a supremacist hate movement?

The new swastika?

And, each trunk has two sides: the Earnest ecologist who "just wants to help Earth," goes to Earth Day celebrations, recycles, and admires meek, loveable celebrities like David Suzuki, and the Radical ecologist who wants to blow up or dismantle all human progress. To paraphrase from counter-feminist writer Adam Kostakis' Gynocentrism Theory[1], substituting "ecology" for "feminism,"

"Now, I would presume that such an arrangement as exists between Earnest and Radical Ecologists is one of necessity. Ecology requires both the acceptable public face of the salesman (trustworthy, just trying to make an honest living), and the momentum, that inner drive that keeps the whole show running (greasy, oiled palms on the factory floor). Neither could exist without the other. If only the public face of Earnest Ecology existed, it would get nowhere, because there would be no molten core of misanthropy, no dynamo at its centre to motivate action. On the other hand, if only the combustion engine of Radical Ecology existed, the movement would fold overnight, being exposed immediately as the politics of hate. Without the engine, all you would have is an object that looks nice but goes nowhere. Forget the paintwork, and nobody would want to buy it."
 A Geneticist who thinks he is an Astrophysicist, but don't ask..

The new Big Brother?

If you wish to better understand the ideas that flow into the ecology movement, I recommend the following essays by Helga Zepp-LaRouche, which trace them back to the Romantic movement of the 18th and 19th centuries, then forward through Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, into the nihilistic, anti-technology "Wandervogel" youth movement of the early 20th century Germany, which later fed into the mass fascist movement that followed. The "Green" youth of today--anti-humanist, anti-progress, with an increasing undertone of vicious fanaticism--are being trained to be the "Green" fascists of tomorrow. 

The Historical Roots of Green Fascism, Part I

The Historical Roots of Green Fascism, Part II

Cpl Ferro

Feminism is another supremacist hate movement. If we switch the metaphor from trees to mushrooms, feminism connects up with the mycelial network of ecology. So, what we're facing in the near future is more correctly a Gynocratic Eco-Fascism.

Gynocentrism Theory
Gynocentrism Theory