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Moo, feminists, feel the pressure..
Been waiting for over 5 years and no takers..
Having been on the "Stand Your Ground" forum in the past and deservedly got tossed for being a little too subtle or would that be not subtle enough, I did notice this little request at the time which I thought may have been an interesting exercise, if not to see first hand what feminists were all about (as if I didn't know) and wanted to see how they would argue their case. I was hoping that it would lead to some epiphany, maybe even make some impact on my thinking to adjust my thinking paradigm..

I was waiting for some revelation..

But, as you can see, not one single feminist taker, not one single individual had the courage of their conviction. Not one single feminist could argue that their hate doctrine was not what everyone else interpreted it to be. No one came forward although they have tried in the past when some little insignificant femi-boy did try to argue in some meaningless way which only lead to demonstrating how cognitive dissonance really works. He was awarded the Mangina Award for his effort, when he failed his debate, he ran back home to mummy after realising that he could not submit lying feminist doctored studies as facts and had to actually present factual peer reviewed studies which feminists and their Mangina toadies have a particular aversion and resistance to.

So here we have the option for any feminist to debate and for over five years and over 24,000 page views, not one single feminist has come forward to argue and defend their wayward destructive hate doctrine and I wonder why?..
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We are looking for a seasoned feminist who would be willing to debate Typhonblue on the topic of whether women are oppressed in the United States.   If you are interested and feel that you are qualified please email me at:
You will be given private access to a forum where the two debaters can work out the mutually agreed upon rules and have the debate free from other posters.