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Jessica Valenti demonstrates clearly what it takes to be loathed not just by the guys and gals in the MRM but also   the general population whom she mistakenly targets, she manages to alienate even the women whom she hopes to influence via it's compliance to Third Noddy Feminism (it cannot be termed a wave as it's compliance to the male hating rhetoric and it's dyslexic, dysfunctional  doctrine and mantras of the past is a taken)..

Valenti's constant mouthing the rampant lies of that hate movement appears to be alienating precisely the audience she is trying to indoctrinate with her cognitive dissonance. So hypocritical is this woman that it could not face life without having at least one male for company even though one has to question his sex, how could any "man" ever consider partnering any female who's sole intent is to destroy his credibility as a human being. You figure it out, it's beyond my capability..

Could that be a new term that deserves to be instigated by any chance, "Manginaism" a male follower of feminist women, who has buried his common sense and logic by blithely capitulating his manhood or any pretence thereof to any female in the hope of achieving her favour and acceptance..

Alienating all and sundry appears to be irrelevant to Valenti as it rages and rants about issues that are neither bound by fact rather than feminist fiction (like the million prostitutes heading for the super bowl weekend and the City's major asking where were they going to be housed?) or requires confirmation as fact as is apparently just an inconvenience for her as a story as far as a feminists like Valenti is concerned is more important by being fictional and fictitious rather than that pesky factual thingy rearing it's denied interference..

Valenti's dream like state can be summed up by it's self delusional incomprehensible ranting which can only be relegated to the nonsense folder but it appears that the Guardian and the Huffpost are not interested in facts, only feminist fiction to feed it's "preaching to the choir" audience..

But alienate all and sundry appears to be one of her limited talents..

The black sisters even hate it..
So there I was, reading this one part of the book, Jessica is talking eugenics, and how these three poor black sisters got sterilized against their will, tsk, tsk. Then goes on to say that, see, feminism is about more than abortion and birth let's move on to talk about abortion and birth control now, shall we?
I'm wondering if those few sentences were added in after Nubian asked her if the book was for white women only. It sure looks like an afterthought that anything involving POC was in that book.
Other women join in to criticise this dysfunctional female and one must wonder if she is only ever preaching to the choir as I have yet to come across a "non"-third Noddy Feminist who actually agrees or even considers her myopic views to be even slightly legitimate or even remotely helpful..
Donna said...
That's what I mean RenEv! Also, it's one thing to talk informally on your blog or amongst your friends, but the amount of gratuitous profanity? It doesn't seem to have a point other than to say, see, I'm cool because I swear. Well, my 14 yr old thinks that. My 16 yr old has already gotten over that idea. I wonder how many more years it will take Jessica?
The message I was taking away from that book is: Kiddies, it's ok to do anything you want. Fucking like bunnies and swearing like longshore men: That's what feminism is all about!
Well here's an excerpt:
"That's where feminism comes in. Seriously. Feminism says that you
have a right to enjoy yourself. An obligation, even. Young women need
to get past the bullshit, scoff at the shame tactics, and get back to
the hard work of getting off"
Here we have a comment from another former admirer in New York, even though a lesbian, cannot come to grips with Valenti's behaviour or the nonsense it promotes in print..

Lesbian. visual learner. enigma. woman (no link except what level of abuse they get up to).

Girlifying Women
Back in my teenage days in New York City, everyone wanted to go to raves, techno music-fueled dance parties where drugs were abundant. I know, the image of your feminist author(Ed..Valenti) dancing around with glowsticks doesn’t exactly inspire confidence or gravitas
Generation X have already written her off by their attitude and actions..
Generation X : Shove Feminism up Your A...
Here we have a full and comprehensive account on Valenti, whose nascent advice lecturing fails by the wayside as they treat Valenti to how others views her own from of narcissus..
From "a Guy Thing".. Valenti’s frustration with the so called male dominated institutions of the United States are clearly over exaggerated by glib examples of what she thinks is rampant in our society. Feminism is nothing more than an over representation of the 80 / 20 rule and the use of anecdotal evidence to represent that all men run around grinding their sexual organs on unwilling females, and if they are not physically doing it they are thinking about it. In my opinion, Valenti like all feminists over exaggerate some form of disenfranchisement they experienced in life and write it off that all men have done it and women should wake up and feel the same way as they do.

But ofcourse the best article on Jessica Valenti is the one on AVfM..

A letter to Jessica Valenti