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One does have to wonder why women are having such a problem with relationships when all we hear is their endless moaning and bitching regarding it and it is never their fault. Have you noticed. They will talk endlessly to their girlfriends about all the issues that they perceive to be one, even intimate details are mulled over. The problem that creates is that whenever she invites her friends over they are all aware of every minute detail between the two of you and have already derived an opinion or judgement regarding the match up without knowing the other side of the story.

Even Hymowitz has a go at explaining the aversion..
Shocked? I wasn t. During the last few years researching this age group, I’ve stumbled onto a powerful underground current of male bitterness that has nothing to do with outsourcing, the Mancession, or any of the other issues we usually associate with contemporary male discontent. No, this is bitterness from guys who find the young women they might have hoped to hang out with entitled, dishonest, self-involved, slutty, manipulative, shallow, controlling and did I mention gold-digging?

Let's have a look at the claims the guys make about young women in today's society and see why they would prefer to stay clear of them at all costs. In other words they just don't like women and don't want a bar of them..

One has to bare in mind that the majority of females today are fully aware of all the details that feminists (riding in elevators with a member of the opposite sex is verboten) have introduced into society as all those trash ridden magazines are loaded with entitlement issues as well as manufacturers promoting the same thing like "because you are worth it". This ofcourse feeds the female ego like nothing else. Bear in mind also that from birth she has been given a free ride and continually informed what a princess she really is and those "positive reinforcing" comments stick like glue in their entitlement register permanently and it's like fodder to a hungry beast..
The ongoing assumption appears to be that she should have it all and anyone dares to refuse her wishes will be deemed to be a monster of every kind, denial is not something that registers in her cerebral cortex as that will be filtered out as undesirable and inconsequential..

Dishonesty would also include the fact that she refuses to face up to reality and thereby wallows within a self induced delusional mindset that excludes any issue that she deems unnecessary or contrary to her needs. She will, at all cost ensure that her needs will be met first and every one else will be seen as being selfish as far as she is concerned. Being dishonest to herself about her own place in society is probably the worst of this self inflicted crime..

This could probably come under dishonesty as well but self involvement does cater to a slightly different meaning as well. Self involvement rules out other opinions as well as the needs of others as she always comes first. Whether it be work commitments or going out, any opposing view is considered to be irrelevant as she must always have right of way as she considers herself to be the most important person on the planet. She is special..

After those slutwalks, this would be an automatic conclusion as not one single voice was raised by that sex to discredit or requested they display some level of modesty. Sluttish behaviour is what you witness at night in bars and clubs where either their dress confirms it or their behaviour. Exposing copious amounts of their anatomy is apparently quite acceptable and deemed to be normal behaviour. It is also acceptable behaviour to indulge in sex at the drop of a hat and then wonder why they have a reputation that quickly builds and singles them out as a quick lay. Future relationships are harder to come by but she would be the last person she would blame for it..

Manipulation is an inbuilt and automatic response process that women use to get their own way. Manipulation does and will be used in any way possible. Sex can be used as a bargaining chip in order to manipulate the unsuspecting mate who would be generally unaware that such behaviour would be used just so she can get her own way. That action states that it is not sex or money or dignity that encourages her to respond in that fashion (although it is quite often the case) but used solely so she will get her own way having been trained by her peers to perform it with perfection.

Shopping would be covered under this title as the act of buying anything of value does in actual fact give her a minutiae squirt of euphoria, about 25 milliseconds but that is enough to want to encourage that same response over and over again. Shallowness also covers quite a few other areas such as being able to jump from one relationship to another without a second of thought. It means that the marriage ceremony has to be the number one event and that is more important than the marriage itself, the act is more important than the deed.
One only has to witness any divorce procedure to witness this controlling freak. The divorce eventuates when she finally acts on it, she has already spent the year in consultation with shyster lawyers (similar to herself) as well as accountants to ensure she will get all what is coming her way  whether she deserve it or not. The controlling personality demands to know exactly where you are every single minute of every day as she is the one who feels insecure and requires endless confirmation..

Gold Diggers.
Women ofcourse will never marry down if they can help it. Their first response to any relationship is money and plenty of it. It is for that reason they are attracted to alphas who on most occasions are their own made man, with a sense and purpose to their lives. But they also don't have any issues with rejecting gold diggers as they are approached all the time by those type of women as their wealth can be seen by what they wear and what they drive. This makes them easy targets for gold diggers as gold is their first priority and second as well as third so a relationship with anyone who is loaded will be fair game. I have yet to hear a rich guy complain that he cannot find someone to date as they would be lining up for the privilege. Hopefully with the intention of either conning them into or blackmailing them into or manipulating them falsely into marriage or a partnership to ensure they will get a nice big slice of the pie. It's the gold diggers you have to watch a they will be your public enemy number one.