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Several different excuses have surfaced as to explain why women make these incredible false rape claims that destroys communities as well as the lives of everyone involved including marriages, relationships, people's standing in community, to dignity, honour as well as destroy the lives of children, brothers, sisters, uncles and aunties and their grandparents. No one escapes the malice and harm those false rape claims perpetuate..

Some have even been jailed up until those lying bitches, reneged or confesses it to be a lie..(Man Cleared after 20 years for sexual assault)("Mr. Jardine was completely innocent of this offense.")

What makes this horror tale even worse is the fact that those making the false rape claims are hardly ever held accountable, they lied to police officers, they have wasted hundreds of hours of specially trained experts as well as in most cases, lied in court and also wasted the courts time. Yet, because they are females, unaccountable for their actions, they are well aware of that being the case. It continues at a staggering rate..

Why the bias and why the stupidity ?

Surely, if they were held to account, it would have the appropriate affect. What are those morons thinking ?

No charges for girl who admitted telling rape lie

Girl lied over ‘rape attempt’
A TEENAGE girl, who claimed someone had tried to rape her on a bridleway, was not telling the truth, police have revealed.
Suffolk Police received a report on June 26 from a 15-year-old who claimed she had been attacked by a man in Red Lodge on June 19.
The girl claimed she was grabbed by the man in a bridleway near Hundred Acre Way at around 6am. According to the teenager, she fought the attacker off before fleeing the scene.
A description of the alleged attacker was also provided – he was said to be wearing a ski mask, hoodie and jeans.
But following an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the alleged incident, officers have established the attack could not have happened.
After police informed the girl of their findings, she confirmed that the offence did not take place.
Det Chief Inspector Louisa Pepper said: “Anyone reporting a rape or sexual assault in Suffolk will receive support from specially trained officers and have access to specialist facilities at Suffolk’s Sexual Assault Referral Centre.
“Allegations of this nature are investigated by Suffolk’s Gemini Team – detectives dedicated to investigating serious sexual offences.”
“Suffolk Constabulary is committed to providing a high-quality service to victims of this type of crime where it can be even more difficult to come forward and report what has happened.
A police spokesman also confirmed that no charges of wasting police time were currently being pursued against the girl.