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Hymowitz, not her best shot..
Hyperwitch, Hymowitz has some grovelling to do as she did a typical feminist male-bashing article and so called study where she accused men of being boys and refusing to "man-up" to service the privileged princesses in America and elsewhere according their narcisstic requirements. Needless to say that she received a plethora of negative articles telling her what she could do with her sexist interpretation and it even encouraged me to produce an MP3 just to tell her the same thing..

What do feminists have to do with informing all men what they should be doing is beyond my comprehension as it is basically none of their damn business what men do as normally they are only interested in female supremacy and they should just leave men to their own end and means. Getting them to mind their own business is something that is long overdue as they continue to harp, bitch and moan about how the world of women is so unbearable that only men are capable of fixing it. One does have to ask the question as to why would we even bother as if they are unhappy then they can damn well fix it themselves instead of relying on the sex that they so loathe and love to hate. The hypocrisy is outstanding, to comprehend feminist doctrine one would have to be able to exclude one sex and yet include it to pay the bills and elevate their incomprehensible doctrine..

The feminist miasma continues on it's nonsensical path as it demonstrates that it's doctrine is just the pterotic bone, in the side of the MRM. One that is imagined rather than being functional..

Why the Gender Gap Won’t Go Away. Ever.
Women prefer the mommy track.
Early this past spring, the White House Council on Women and Girls released a much-anticipated report called Women in America. One of its conclusions struck a familiar note: today, as President Obama said in describing the document, “women still earn on average only about 75 cents for every dollar a man earns. That’s a huge discrepancy.”
It is a huge discrepancy. It’s also an exquisite example of what journalist Charles Seife has dubbed “proofiness.” Proofiness is the use of misleading statistics to confirm what you already believe. Indeed, the 75-cent meme depends on a panoply of apple-to-orange comparisons that support a variety of feminist policy initiatives, from the Paycheck Fairness Act to universal child care, while telling us next to nothing about the well-being of women.
This isn’t to say that all is gender-equal in the labor market. It is not. It also isn’t to imply that discrimination against women doesn’t exist or that employers shouldn’t get more creative in adapting to the large number of mothers in the workplace. It does and they should. But by severely overstating and sensationalizing what is a universal predicament (I’m looking at you, Sweden and Iceland!), proofers encourage resentment-fueled demands that no government anywhere has ever fulfilled—and that no government ever will.