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Conversing with an esteemed member of the MRM does have distinct advantages, Especially when discussing topics and issues of interest and that always leads to issues that are so obvious as you wonder how the hell you missed it.

The bleeding obvious point that Amfortas raised was the fact that the riots in Britain could be placed quite correctly at the feet of Harriet Harman, professional male hater and feminist, whose Labor government decided that aiding and abetting single mothers with copious payments was just the thing as it is part of the feminist wet-dream to exclude Fathers and give sole ownership of children to the mother without holding her to account for the irresponsibility of her offspring..

We have recently seen a video of a mother of 11 kids, yep, eleven kids, all to a selection of fathers, she took offense when she was asked how she felt about her hoodlum offspring behaving in that fashion (may of been either male or female), she responded with the claim that it was the government's fault. She soundly shirked her responsibility as a parent and put the blame for her children's criminal behaviour and activity on an institution that pays it money and encourages that type of stupidity,  maybe in return one might expect some accountability, but not in the PC Britain of today..

The Men's Movement has been saying exactly that,  it will be the inevitable outcome if you take dads out of the family equation. Stupidity is not just feminist Harriet Harman's speciality but it's the general ingrained practice practised extensively by feminists. We still hear it today and consistently that same ridiculous family destroying statement that women can raise kids on their own because they swallowed the feminist mantra of "don't need no man". Well, you might think that is a "you go girl" high five moment but tell that to your teenage daughters or sons as they drag them off to jail for drug running,  Stealing, gang association, destroying public property as they just did in Britain. Tell them the reason Dad is not around is because you were being ignorant and stupid, you assumed that you could do it all by yourself just to appease your fellow feminist's ego, but where are they now ?

Fatherlessness, violence and the British malaise
by Bill Muehlenberg
August 14, 2011
The London riots have simply reconfirmed and graphically illustrated what the social sciences have been telling us for a half century now: when we allow society to disregard the institution of marriage and in fact assault the institution of family, we are asking for – and will get – trouble.
The social science evidence on this is as overwhelming as it is clear: by every indicator, children will be worse off when not raised in a biological two-parent family. They will be more likely to do less well at school, to become involved in drugs, to commit suicide, to have a range of mental and psychological problems, and to get involved in gangs and criminal activity.
This has been documented so thoroughly now that only an ideologue who is pushing agendas can deny the evidence. Let me here just offer the smallest sampling of research data on this. These are just a few bits of the available evidence.
In an important book on the subject, Francis Ianni found that most gang members in America come from female-headed households. And a study of British communities in the American Journal of Sociology by Sampson and Groves found a direct statistical link between single parenthood and virtually every major type of crime, including mugging, violence against strangers, car theft and burglary. 

Feminists specifically planned this course of action and we (MRM) kept warning and shouting that if you destroy marriage, you will destroy the structure of society..
"We can't destroy the inequities between men and women until we destroy marriage." -- Robin Morgan
If you are wondering who Morgan is just Google that member of the feminasty movement..
"I feel that 'man-hating' is an honorable and viable political act, that the oppressed have a right to class-hatred against the class that is oppressing them." -- Robin Morgan, Ms. Magazine Editor.
So feminists are to blame but they will never put their hand up to acknowledge that fact as they will do everything they can to place the blame somewhere else because they know if people find that to be the case, things will change. The main stream media, or most of it, refuse to even credit the riots as a byproduct of Fatherless homes as they too follow the same feminist doctrine..

feminist Harman
Thank goodness some journalists are still awake..

Quadrant Online
Melanie Philips
Goodbye to Enlightenment.
One of them, Harriet Harman, was on TV last night preposterously blaming cuts in educational allowances, of all things, for the fact that teenagers and pre-pubescent children have been torching and looting shops and robbing and murdering people in the streets. It was Harman, of course, who was one of the principal forces behind the promotion of lone parenthood and the marginalisation of fathers as the only progressive position. Yet here she is, faced with the Hobbesian scenes of violent anarchy which are the result of those policies, still parroting the same old claptrap and still totally incapable of acknowledging the terrible damage to individuals, social destruction and de-civilisation she has helped wreak.