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Well, it had to happen sooner or later but the sex robot is here and from the look of it, here to stay. This version leaves a bit to be desired. I did in the best think that it would be the best thing since the invention of the condom but now I find I have second thought on the whole concept. Let's see where this is going and how more advanced they will get this before we start looking at the same situation as "I Robot"..

Link to TrueCompanion.. Introducing Roxxy..

I suppose the other side of the argument is why is it necessary to have a female robot as a companion ?
Obviously, these robotic experts would have done their homework and realised that there will be a market out there and that market will grow and spread world-wide. Japan is already infatuated with similar items..

I would think that the actions of feminists and feminism has encouraged and demanded that there are other options for men to have female companionship without the threat of draconian laws and potential jail term whenever one is in the proximity of a member of female sex..

Roxxy Robot asks, "what'll be. Want to talk or what ?".
Here is an early developmental version of Aiko..
A politically correct robot..

And there is this early version as well..