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Naomi Wolf Pro-fem-sk.
It would appear that the aging male hater and professional feminist is trying to find it's soul. One would have to of had one to begin with I would imagine rather than just being some type of feminist automaton..

Naomi Wolf Is A Delusional Old Hag
By Roosh
Wolf is most certainly one of the biggest hypocrites I have ever come across. Have a look at Roosh's post regarding this old hag as you will be enlightened as he did a thoroughly good job on exposing it.. 

Here is an excerpt from his article..
Wolf implies that the average American woman is so stupid and suggestible that she’s absolutely powerless to the evil forces of fashion magazines and pornography. She’s saying that a woman will follow just about whatever you put in front of her while having no ability to think on her own, that watching anal gangbangs on RedTube and PornHub is corrupting her soul and turning her into a mindless zombie consumer. In so many words she’s saying that today’s woman doesn’t have the strength to fulfill her womanly duties.
As you can see, I was always of the opinion that all women are suggestible and feminists are very aware of that fact and relied on that to educate their stupid minds to swallow the feminist misinformation and lies. Easily done when you already know your targets..

One of the links on Roosh's comments pointed to a live interview on the Washington Post site, so I decided to have a quick gander to see if we have any more information to expose this feminist hypocrite using her own words..
Question from fellow lacky feminist..
When I share feminist articles with my undergraduates, no more than one or two of them are willing to self-identify as feminists, 
Naomi Wolf
  I hear that concern a great deal. It is too bad -- in the sense that it is a LOT easier to fight a social injustice if you have a sense of history and are willing to identify yourself as part of a group that can take action. But I have stopped caring that much about the labels we use...every thirty years or so "feminist" becomes a dirty word 
Another feminist lacky
Hi Naomi! I've noticed you've moderated the tone of your writing over the years. In the early 90s, for example, you called Camille Paglia "the nipple-pierced person's Phyllis Schlafly" and said her writing is "full of howling intellectual dishonesty." But in recent years you've turned away from invective. Why is that?

Very goo d question. I actually had a bit of a dark night of the soul after I wrote that counterblast. I went on a Buddhist-ish retreat and heard the wonderful teacher Sharon Salzman lecture on the Buddhist ethic of "right speech" (meaning 'ethical speech'). It was the beginning of a real moral/spiritual journey for me (words are quite inadequate for this sort of thing) in which I realized I did not want to use whatever skill I had with words to hurt anyone. The Buddhist view of how you use language is that you use to to help -- to advance truth -- to ease suffering. I was very drawn to that idea. You are not supposed to use language to demean, to harm, to lie etc

As you can see, the vile bitch is trying to develop some level of consciousness. It wants to be regarded as some type of human being who is nothing but a caring and sharing individual who's only consideration is to have the best intentions towards fellow women even though that is a stretch as she downgrades the younger sex as being irrelevant and is even questioned on it..(See Was.Post link)

Do not be fooled by this rampant male hating feminist who has spent her life destroying the integrity and reputations of all men and boys but now wants to do some type of repentance program in order to salve her own conscience. Too bloody late..

Want to know who has been financing this bitch ?
NAOMI WOLF : But I do believe that women -- and writers -- should be paid for their work -- especially single moms like me :) and I believe in publishing in as mainstream a set of venues as possible because that is where real change lies. I am very happy to take Rupert Murdoch's money -- I also take George Soros' -- to subsidize my radical message of social equality.

Wolf flashing copious boob which she criticises the younger generation for..