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Feminist Theory -
Women are the most logical, patient,(off the chart) intelligence, precognitive, intuitive, capable, strong, independent, able, sex on the planet. They never make mistakes or ever react in any manner that could possibly be considered invalid. They are never inconsiderate, never violent as we do not recognise that, never capable of ill feelings or emotive behaviour because of what we told you above.Never seek revenge as that would indicate an emotional state. Woman's every action is one of considerable deep analysis via an undeniable intellectual ability to process that information, rationally and determine a practical outcome in every situation, unlike those menz who are just dumb and stupeed..
So there you have it. The hegemony's denial system that has worked for them for so long and it is so laughable that even the same sex no longer wants a bar of em!..
So let have a look at one of those fine examples of womanhood and just marvel as she puts all those additional character enhancing abilities to work..

Cheated Wife smashes rival’s property – but gets wrong address

A WOMAN went on a $40,000 rampage after discovering her husband was having an affair – but later discovered she had targeted the wrong property, a court in New Zealand was told.The woman, who was granted name suppression by a judge in the Nelson District Court, admitted one charge of intentionally causing $NZ42,823 worth of damage at an apartment complex in the South Island city in June, The Nelson Mail reported.
Police prosecutor Sergeant Chris Stringer told the court that the wife, 25, became enraged after reading text messages from her husband’s mistress and demanded he drive her to the other woman’s home.
At their destination, the clearly unhappy wife smashed her car through the closed gates of the complex and into an apartment’s garage while her husband fled the scene.
Stringer said the woman’s husband later told her that the other woman did not live in the apartment she had hit.
The woman will be sentenced for her crime of passion next month, and police are seeking full reparation for the damage.
Well, "smear my ears with strawberry jam and tie me to an ant hill" (Gomer Pile) does this mean that we have once again been lied ?
I am appalled I tell you, appalled..