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I can see right through you..
Having recently posted about Hyperwitch Hymowitz, and her delusional "man-up" drudgery, I came across this comment that MarkyMarks posted on his blog and have to admit that it is a really great interpretation on that hypothesist's misandry.


“For some reason, people don’t think in terms of incentives when it comes to men as a demographic.”
Oh, they do, they do. Not the average woman. But a thinker like Kay Hymowitz knows that the problem is the lack of incentives (she states so clearly) and, therefore, the solution is creating new incentives for men to create families.
But some incentives are impossible to create (going back to a manufacturing economy). And other incentives mean that women would have to give up some of their privileges….THE HORROR! When they realize, these fembots start issuing “syntax error! syntax error!” and their face turns into the “blue screen of death” (
For the modern thinker, drowned in feminism from childhood, telling that women have to give up something (even if it is to get something better) is UNTHINKABLE. It is like telling a fundamentalist Muslim that the solution to his problem is to burn all the Qur’ans in the world and to paint pictures of Mohammed fucking a camel.
So they tie themselves in knots trying to solve this cognitive dissonance. They know that changes are necessary but any change will be something that women have to give up. So this is why the book ends up without solutions.
This is the plight of modern woman. The traditional woman had some excellent privileges (I call them the OLD privileges: family, kids, a male breadwinner). Feminism promised them to acquire NEW privileges (exciting career, money, casual sex with hot alpha men in their twenties, divorce with alimony and child support).
Women got along because they thought they would end up enjoying all the OLD privileges plus the NEW privileges. This is what the mantra “having it all” means. The thing worked for some decades, because of the inertia of the old system, that made men want to marry, even if the incentives were not there anymore.
But now women are discovering that, by acquiring the NEW privileges, they have unknowingly lost the OLD privileges (which is the thing they love most). Suddenly, it is harder and harder to get a husband to be a work slave. Women are desperate. They can’t live without the OLD privileges but they are not willing to give up the NEW privileges.
They are desperate and the only thing they know is to shame men (“man up”). But this is only a desperate measure and this is not working.
The solution will come with time, which is the better healer. After forty or sixty years of single motherhood, miserable life for women and social decay, new generations of young women will learn that the OLD privileges is what matters and these OLD privileges will be so rare that women will be willing to do anything and give up anything to get it. This will be the end of feminism.
But we won’t see this. Nowadays, women still harbor the hope of having the OLD with the NEW. As Clausewitz says, the purpose of a war is not to win battles, not to destroy the enemy, but to destroy the enemy’s hope and the willingness of the enemy to keep on fighting. Until hope is not destroyed, feminism won’t be beaten.
be desperate to get a male breadwinner and will be willing to give everything to get it. But we won’t see this: this is the future.