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Look, I am somewhat confused regarding the whole feminist argument in relation to the "Slutwalk" and the above photo. They find it necessary to promote "being a slut" as some right women should possess but if you have a look at the photos below they are already flat out demonstrating that it's well under control. So where does the right to being a slut come into the argument when in reality there really are no restrictions..

These photos below are from the "Slutwalk in Portland, Oregon in US of A. Some of the comments in relation to it are somewhat interesting as it once again demonstrates how stupid and dumb one has to be to enjoy being a member of the feminasty movement..

Dawn Lynnelle Higgins Dear Mr. Donovan: You seem to make a blanketed staement about everyone who was there and you are making assumptions you REALLY know nothing about. It wasn’t just lesbians there at this march, there were bisexual, trans, queer, and even straight women as well as straight, bisexual, queer, and trans men all standing together against rape. Rape is not a funny thing and rape does not discriminate, maybe if you were actually there you would actually not be making these types of bullshit statements. You sir, are a complete idiot who should turn in your queer card at the door IMMEDIATELY!
Fabulous, the ultimate and optimum insult by a gay is to accuse someone else of being one as well..
Yes, obviously unconcerned about the rape of the opposite sex as well. Oh well, hypocrisy is one of the standard nascent requirements to being a feminist..