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Increasing the number of women officers under these reduced strength and size standards consistently and significantly increases the number of assaults on police officers. In general, every 1 percent increase in the number of women in a police force results in a 15 to 19 percent increase in the number of assaults on the police, because women tend to be weaker than men.
It would appear that putting women on the firing line may be another mistake that feminism has made amongst the many screw-ups they have introduced into the armed forces and protective services. Not that it worries them none as they can claim that they have equalled all that nasty inequality but fail to comprehend those severely beaten and bashed female officers is the end result..

The reduced standards that feminists have introduced ensure that women are smaller and less muscular than men and thereby have no other back up besides their weapon, which they also use more often than not. They also accidentally shoot people because once the threat of a weapon is overcome, their arse is grass and they are well aware of it..

The topic also reminded me of this quote from Affirmative Action and Cops by John Lott:
Why? The more likely that a criminal’s assault on a police officer will be successful, the more likely criminals will do it. The major factor determining success is the relative strengths and sizes of the criminal and officer. The 200-pound Nichols might have decided not to try to escape had his guard been closer to his own size.

My research uncovered another interesting finding. Female officers are more likely to accidentally shoot people. Each 1 percent increase in the number of white female officers in a police force increases the number of shootings of civilians by 2.7 percent. Because of their weaker physical strength, female officers have less time to decide on whether to fire their weapon. If a man makes a mistake and waits too long to shoot a suspect who is attacking him, the male officer still has a chance of using his strength to subdue the attacker. Female officers (as was the case in Atlanta) will lose control of the situation at that point.