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One does have to wonder what the advantage of the feminist movement was for women if not to encourage their total carnal and base animal behaviour. We have witnessed an increase in the offensive and corrupt behaviour in the opposite sex like never before..

Female teachers bonking minors is on the increase while useless courts just give them license while white knight Judges explain and excuse their abhorrent behavior. We have mothers murdering their children like never before which ofcourse has always been the case where mothers were always the greater abuser and murderers of children but that is laid wayside as judges just keep pilling on those children's misery by automatically allocating the care of children to the sex that will abuse them the most. You work that out, it is beyond my capacity..

But they continue just like there is no tomorrow or they are of the opinion that the lenient courts will just give them the usual pussy pass where all they have to do is lie about some type of abuse they supposedly suffered and the facts or witnesses or doctors reports do not come into it at all. The claim, according to feminists, is sufficient to be factual and should not be questioned as women have clearly demonstrated themselves to be honourable creatures who NEVER lie about anything. Have you ever come across such ignorance and arrogance before in your life..

Fiona Donnison
A mother convicted of murdering her two young children had also been charged with the death of a third child, it has emerged.Fiona Donnison, 45, was yesterday found guilty of suffocating Harry, three, and Elise, two, after a bitter split from their father Paul.Self-obsessed and controlling, she used them as the ‘ultimate weapon’ to take revenge on her former partner for ‘rejecting’ her and starting a new relationship with an old school friend.

 And so it continues unabated.
Kris claims he was raped by his old girlfriend Jessica Fuller. She got pregnant and had their son Joshua. Kris was never a part of his son's life.
It really does encourage all men to stay well clear of these obviously dysfunctional and self serving..
Woman on trial for raping 10 men
A Russian woman, dubbed the Black Widow for her love of horror films and spiders, is on trial for drugging and raping 10 men.