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Alcuin points out the shortcoming of the larger religions and their inane attitude of pedestalising women with total disregard to the needs of his fellow man. They endlessly promote the attitude that men should anti up and sign on as wage slaves and ATM's for women regardless the cost or affect. Religious leaders have been fantasising about the opportunity of separating marriage from the state and making it exempt from state control and interference by claiming that if they made it an agreement or combined partnership in some way, they may achieve their goal..

Unfortunately, the state already has that avenue covered just to ensure that whenever any male comes within spitting distance of a female they will automatically come under the draconian laws they have sereptisously installed. Ensuring that whenever any female wants a divorce, which she will instigate 70% of the time, she will financially and mentally rape him of everything he assumed was his..

Those religions push the "women do no wrong" mentality while at the same time castigate as well as humiliate him into worshipping the newly perfected female form, of their own making..
Catholic Men, Michael Voris style  
Here's Catholic apologist Michael Voris with a confusing, mixed message to Catholic Men.
He starts by listing feminism's misandry, and how contemporary culture attacks masculinity. Fine. He refers to how pop culture portrays men as dolts or irresponsible letches. Fine. He conjures up masculine images from the medieval past, romanticizing knights and turning them into Catholic warriors. Not so fine, because this image of men calls us to fight for women. We are servants, white knights.
"Masculinity means to use your strength in the service of the weak, to defend what is worth defending, to trumpet the truth, to champion virtue," he preaches. Dangerous words for men in a society of entitled hoes looking to milk each man for all he's got before moving on. A man who assumes these things is going to lose everything and gain nothing.
Damsel in distress? Drop everything and run like hell in the opposite direction. Run, Forest, run!!
Voris reminds men of our "duties" of saving the weak and all that stuff. In other words, get a job, get married, have kids, and then what? Get an expensive divorce shoved in our face? Catholic ladies are as terrible as non-Catholic, maybe even worse because the churches are the sources of female pedestalizing. As usual with Christian leaders, he doesn't warn men about women. He calls for men to be useful idiots.
Why would we assume we have duties when women assume they only have rights and entitlements?
Another Christian trying to convert men into becoming Christian idiots. I think I'll stay away from religion for yet another day, thanks. The churches are among our biggest problems right now.