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As much as I hate putting this type of abuse on this blog, I must as it once again demonstrates that feminists are lairs as they endlessly promoted women as not being violent, they are perfection, donchaknow. Not violent against children at all, Not violent in domestic situations, not violent inside or outside the home and definitenately not violent anywhere apparently..The denial continues..

I and many on the web have demonstrated repeatedly how violent women are. I have several videos on the right hand sidebar of this blog showing women smacking each other just about everywhere you can think of including weddings, on the streets and in the park and yet feminists live in denial..

Feminism has bought out that base feral behaviour out in women as they have ensured that women are not held accountable for their violent actions and behaviour and if they are they are given some minor penalty like home detention or mopping the floor at some local hall for a couple of weekends. The punishment never fits the crime where women are concerned.

It's pathetic and it obviously just does not discourage them enough to even think about their actions, let alone even realising that their behaviour is unacceptable. But then again, they have been told from birth that they are "special" but just like Uncle Bern states "your special just like everyone else". Obviously they don't get it..

Bystanders step in after mother allegedly punches 2-year-old in face

Yes, another example of the "loving" mother who are given the children 95% of the time by the Family Courts without ever bothering to find out if she is a fit and proper parent, but who cares..

A group of MBTA bus riders stepped in Tuesday and refused to let a woman who allegedly punched her 2-year-old son walk away with the injured child after she got off the bus in Boston’s Roxbury neighborhood, authorities said today.
You read that right..
 MBTA Transit Police said in a report that they arrived at the intersection of Warren and Brunswick streets at 3:32 p.m. and found “a hostile group circled around a woman holding an infant.’’ With some difficulty, police separated the mother, identified as 25-year-old Erica Ryan, and the child from the group of upset people, police said.“No one is going to take away my baby,” Ryan told police, according to the report.
Other officers arrived and interviewed the passengers who had been on the Route 23 bus with Ryan. At least three people told police they first heard Ryan directing vulgarities at the child when he refused to eat.
“Little bastard, you got one more chance,” Ryan said, passengers told police.
The passengers told police they saw Ryan “strike her child in the mouth with a closed fist.’’ After that, the passengers approached Ryan and “expressed their concerns for the well-being of the child.’’
But Ryan refused to listen to them. “No one will tell me how to be a parent,” she allegedly told passengers.
Obviously no one taught her how to be a human being either..