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Akin to the general consensus from feminists, we have this article from Andrew Bolt as he states the obvious in relation to free speech, that feminists hate as well. Their endless meanderings regard any comments made by anyone regarding anything female as either misogynists or sexist, take your pick. Any attempt at free speech or discussions ,where they are concerned, has to be banned. Sound familiar..

You’re too evil to speak

Janet Albrechtsen on the violent Australia Day protest whipped up by Julia Gillard’s office:
The thuggish activists saw no irony in proudly exercising their right to free speech by using violence and intimidation to shut down those with whom they disagreed.

The protests personify a strain of illiberalism found more often among those on the Left than the Right. Far from being progressive, members of the illiberal Left often work from one of two basic premises to curb free speech.
First, the masses are too dumb to be trusted with the unpredictable consequences of too much free speech. Accordingly, these self-appointed moral guardians of the great unwashed impose politically correct rules to proscribe free speech…
The flip-side of this mentality is that if you happen to take a different political view on important matters, then you can’t be a decent human being after all. And if that’s the case, it would be best if you did not air your indecent views. In short, the second premise used by moral guardians on the illiberal-left to constrain free speech is the “too evil to talk freely” rule. Those with different views are too evil to be trusted with free speech.
(To illustrate that truth, no comments, please.)