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Unknown has left a new comment on your post "The Excommunication of Hugo Schwyzer..":

What a bunch of lying assholes you guys are. And seeing as how everybody has linked me to this, saying something appears to be the only way to shut people up in advance.
I have PTSD because I did---as my commander said to another guy with the same viewpoint as you-----"hundreds of convoys, with her as the gunner." That means I was up in the gun turret. This was in addition to being in a massive battle that took up half the city and lasted twenty two hours, while we were outnumbered twenty to one. To imply by omission that I'm some crazy bitch---let's not play games here----instead of a soldier going through what so many others have gone through exposes your standards quite completely. I'm not taking anti-psychotic meds, which are often prescribed for the sleep difficulties that afflict veterans. You get nightmares or crushing, near total insomnia, but I don't know why I'm bothering to explain this to people who have to be either horribly dishonest or horribly inadequate to miss the fact that I spent two decades in the Army. It's funny, this omission, isn't it? Half my Iraq company has PTSD now, in varying degrees of severity.
It often correlates with how much danger you were exposed to outside the wire, and as somebody who did a lot of convoys, I got very familiar with IEDs. I suppose if MRAs mentioned any of this it would blow the standard whine about how men have to serve, out of the water.
If anybody has any doubts about what dishonorable losers you are, this cinches it, and
I intend to make people aware of that. Seeing as how you doubtless won't post this comment, I'll do it elsewhere. And there won't be a link.   

Well, this is definitely a first. We have a typical response from Ginmar and it's about the standard response one could expect from an obsessive, dysfunctional, female supremacist, a feminist. I have had the displeasure of trying to point Ginmar in the right direction over the past decade or so, all without the appropriate affect, unfortunately..

Ginmar is one of those human beings who refuses to look at any issue and compare the pros and cons. As far as she is concerned, she has her opinion, everyone else is either a liar, some type of sycophant to some radical theory or doctrine or they are just way too stupid to see her point of view because of their  inability to reason coherently..

Sound familiar Ginmar. You accuse people of doing exactly of what you do yourself..

I have no verification of any points you make in the above post and by the lack of that evidence, I can only assume that you are either fantasising or you are a just delusional. If I am wrong than I am more than happy to put in a retraction and post all that information right here, as the MM and MRA's are not about telling lies but establishing the truth. Not exaggerating the facts according to doctrine but facts as they stand. The truth will always out the liars..
If you have proof about what you are claiming is true regarding your service in the armed forces, being in Iraq and taking part in the fighting on the front, than where is the evidence ?

I have up until now never been made aware that any female has fought on the front lines or received debilitating injuries apart from that charade about Jessica whatshername, it has only ever been the men who have been deserted when they return and it's only ever been "women" who have benefited from being involved in the armed services via copious promotions and endorsement for medals they did not deserve plus the reduction in standards that allowed them in to begin with..

I am more than happy to post any information, as I have stated, to prove your participation and if that involves you given me that information via comment or via the email attached to this blog, then I can guarantee to not expose any personal information(I can find out your real name and details anyway if I wanted to), only those facts associated with your service. I will leave you to supply it as proof of your claims. There you go. Prove it. I am quite sure that my followers will ensure that I keep that promise..

Apart from that, Ginmar is a busy, busy person on the web as we have entries about Ginmar HERE, and HERE( her Unknown login)  and HERE  and HERE(Ginmar Bingo) 

The bingo chart refers to the standard responses that Ginmar makes, her preferred robotic responses, one comes to expect from feminists while they deny they support a hate doctrine..

This snarky female supremacists appears to be incapable of showing any appreciation for what men, any single man for that matter, does..

It gets better!She thinks we're not grateful enough----to men! In reply to an earlier post on 
Jan 21, 2012 4:12:46 PM PSTTui Allen says:That is so true. I agree we women have been ungrateful for too much that our men have done for us. This post of yours presents the side of the story that is shown too rarely. These lawyer guys you describe are exactly like my dolphin character Rigel. I find it eerie to tell the truth. I love blokes who work hard and love their job. I have one who has supported me through the last 3 years of sitting on my backside earning nothing. He hasn't made a murmur about me wasting what should have been the highest earning years of my teaching or web design career. 
During that time, he's worked his butt off and done more than his share of the housework as well. I could still give you a long list of his imperfections. I, of course, being SUCH a special snowflake, am quite perfect myself.
 SDomebody whose books I will never ever buy, preaching about how motherhood makes you better than anybody else.
Yeah,I'd have some interesting things to say to her if she tried this crap in my face, too. Holy shit.Tags:jesus christ on a pony
Yes, obviously has some major issue with our sex as radical feminists do..

And ofcourse we cannot go past Facebook for some more information..

Ginmar Rienne
1.- Looks like Schwyzer got canned from at least two organizations over the weekend---one involved speaking to high school students about body image. Yeah, the very idea makes one shudder. But he said he tendered his resignation. Does he ever tell the truth?
 2.- Smoke alarm went off due to low battery. At three Am. No sleep. Oh, and Feministing is disgusting. More drivel about forgiveness, but it's not allowed to mention brass tacks---like rape and attempted murder. Cowardly fuckers.
3.- So there's supposed feminists defending Hugo Schwyzer and fans defending Paterno and Schwyzer is whining about how teh poor menz' sexuality is demonized. Yeah, tell to a rape victim.....but he said he himself felt like a rapist. (Because he was.) And his lawyers are apparently going around demanding sites take down any kind of shit mocking him.)
4. - I couldn't do it. I had a seizure when my meds ran out; I also stopped being able to sleep and started having hallucinations, probably due to exhaustion. I also started having what turned out to be migraine headaches, which I've never had. I could go on and ON, but that's the background.  
More hate mongering here.."And if you're a Rush Limbaugh fan, go fuck off and die, would you?"

Link to number 4..

Number four on the list explains her conditions and her medication including her suicide attempts. Those confession vindicate the article previously posted right here. Ginmar claims to have served in the forces and from the look of it it may well be the case but we only have her word for it (and she does have an ability to tell stories). I am loathed to believe anything she says or states and the reasons are that she has an intense hate of all men, generalises like all radical, male hating, feminists do and refuses to accept any other facts otherwise or maybe she just enjoys it..

Meanwhile, I have had a gut full of this obnoxious female and prefer to just ignore it but the challenge was there and here is her information(some of it) and the original demand stands..

UPDATE..Jan 24 2012

As I expected, I received an abusive email from Ginmar which was to rude and obnoxious to post here. This is the standard response we can expect from feminists, as we continue to expose their hate doctrine..