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Sums up the feminist mindset perfectly..

Plenty of discussion regarding an article posted on the GMP site( it supposed to be the Good Men Project but it's aimed more at "what women want"or in this case "What Feminists Want"). A site that has been turned upside down when site co-founder, a Mr Matlock, was hurled to the wolves when he dared to question one of feminism's much loved mantras (all men are rapists)..

How DARE he, how dare any man stand up for all men by disagreeing with anything feminist. That topic has already been exposed here on this site and I am basically tired of it to be honest. But it is always refreshing to witness a minutiae of change on what was originally just another male hating feminist propaganda site, disguised as something meaningful and honest. That ofcourse  would be an oxymoron as feminism and honesty should never be mentioned in the same sentence, let alone referred to it directly.

In the past, GMP had such notable vitriolic masturbators of the truth, as Jessica Valenti, Amanda Marcotte and ofcourse the ever loathed and detested Hugo "I am a mangina/ male feminist"Schwyzer and between the lot of them, they ensured the hate and vitriol was heaped in successive articles. It truly was a site to loathe and detest, as the total hypocrisy from that site was as plain as day. It really just demonstrated how hypocritical and dysfunctional the feminist movement and doctrine really is, but the ongoing denial was there none the less..

Neely Steinberg loves you, as long as you don’t love yourself

Paul Elam from AVfM

Neely Steinberg, the relationship/dating columnist for Blast Magazine, has a lot of things she loves about men; Twenty, to be exact. She posted the complete list as part of an article over at the Good Men Project, an online publication that has, by a rather strange twist of events, begun to accommodate some actual defense of men in recent days, and in the process has alienated some people whose bread and butter resides in attacks on the same.
But before we rush to praise this newfound religion, we should take a moment to examine Steinberg’s ideas, especially as honest money says they echo the oft stated sentiments of GMP founder Tom Matlack, and his increasingly vocal shill, Lisa Hickey, regarding men and masculinity. I bring Tom into this because Steinberg’s piece is indicative of where I think Tom has wanted the GMP to go all along.
So what are the qualities in a man that makes Neely’s heart go all aflutter, and lifts it up on the wings of her womanly passion? Here’s her version of the testosterone top 20:

Along comes Neelie Steinberg, a well meaning relationship and dating columnists, to post an article about "20 Things I love About Men", apart from the lovely, cosy topic title, she explains how much she is tingled about the way men cater to herself specifically. Pedestal in place and with servitude policy in hand. Loved men for making "her" world complete without any reciprocation or even bothering with what women's responsibilities are in regards to that relationship. The entire article places her on the pedestal and all men serving obediently at her feet. That was primarily what she loved the most about men. They made her "feel" good and every segment on the list encompassed precisely why her admiration for men relied solely on, the fact that they are there to serve her and make her feel good and do all things for her , it borders on embarrassing and I'll ignore the narcism..

Here are the first ten..

  • I love when a man puts his hand on the small of a woman’s lower back, as if to say, I’m here for you if you need me.
  • I love when a man wipes away a woman’s tears or pushes a strand of her hair away from her face, tucking it lovingly behind her ear.
  • I love how millions of men go off to work every day and then come home after long work hours to share in the housework and child-rearing.
  • I love how men contribute hundreds of millions of dollars every year to charities in the U.S. and across the globe.
  • I love when a man makes us feel like women.
  • I love when a man waits patiently inside an elevator to let all the ladies out first.
  • I love how a man who would go to the ends of the earth for a woman he loves.
  • I love how a man who will rub his partner’s feet at the end of the day even though he’s had a hard day at work too.
  • I love the men who so bravely and willingly risk their lives in service to our country and to protect us all.
  • I love being Little Spoon.

  • In order to put things into perspective, we have an alternate version, we are for equality here even though feminists are not..
    I love it when a woman gets out of the car to help change a tire.
    I love it when a woman reaches for her purse to pay her way.
    I love it when a woman hears “no” and accepts it with grace.
    I love it when a woman takes responsibility for her own feelings, bad or good.
    I love it when a woman embraces my need for things in my life that do not involve her.
    I love it when a woman solves problems in a relationship with reason and fairness.
    I love it when a woman takes responsibility for her mistakes and corrects them.
    I love it when a woman stops trying to get validation for an idea that has no merit.
    I love it when a woman realizes that equality comes with some burdens.
    I love it when a woman recognizes that a “home” is a shared domain.
    I love it when a woman is willing to get dirty and bruised and scraped up to get a job done.
    I love it when a woman doesn’t know how to say, “You’re the man.”
    I love it when a woman refuses to use tears to get her way.
    I love it when a woman never says, “Speaking as a woman.”
    I love it when a woman doesn’t confuse being shrill and cruel with being strong.
    I love it when a woman has no expectation of me at all based on my being a man.
    I love it when a woman has no expectations at all based on her being a woman.
    I love it when a woman finds no one to blame for her problems but herself.
    I love it when a woman recognizes that love is in what you give, not in what you take.
    I love it when a woman understands that all these things are things that I love in men, too.