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Here we have an explanation of what feminists, in this case radical feminists and the Gillard Government, have in mind for ALL AUSTRALIAN MEN and this is just an example of what is coming your way as well. This legislation is already in Place in Tasmania, AUSTRALIA and it will ensure that Men are jailed, without any opportunity to claim a fair trial, no opportunity to present any counter argument and will be taken to prison on any claim made by any female under any circumstances..

Fifty percent of all men in jail in Tasmania are there because of this draconian piece of legislation. They are served with a court order for one year to not go within 100 meters his own home or see his children and all his accounts, everything he owns will be confiscated and given to the person making the claim. No proof is necessary, no witnesses required, no doctors reports required, no evidence has to be submitted, only on the word of one individual will ensure this action to takes place..

This action will be enforced even when he is not guilty or if the female is the abuser. There is no comeback whatsoever. Even if the claimant retracted her accusation and informs the Police that she has lied, nothing will change..

This release identifies precisely how this new legislation is going to work and this will become LAW in AUSTRALIA within a very short period of time. Possibly over the next month or two if we do NOTHING. Ignore this at your own risk..

New Legislation Designed to Persecute Men and Deny his basic Human Rights.

If you are male and living in Australia, this is the probably the most important email you'll read this year.
This message is about the highly discriminatory National Council’s Plan for Australia to Reduce Domestic Violence Against Women and Their Children, 2009-2021 (henceforth described as 'The Plan').
The Plan is long (200+ pages), so you might like to save it to your desktop and read it little by little, but it's essential that you do read it as it may affect your freedom. If you don't, you may well find yourself in jail one day - minus legal entry to your house, access to your children and any reputation you think you once had, all without doing a single thing wrong.  Please share it with every other responsible men you know so they too will learn how their civil liberties are being dangerously undermined under the guise of reducing domestic violence against women.
The most important liberty that will be lost is the presumption of innocence (for men, not women) - one of the foundation stones of a civilised legal system. If the draconian legislation proposed by The Plan is passed through both Houses of Parliament and into Family Law, the legal system in Australia will no longer automatically protect men from false DV and rape accusations and the government will take control of the family. Adoption of The Plan will, essentially, legalise Apartheid and enforce it if necessary at the point of a gun.
Domestic violence and sexual assault are serious crimes, so any wise and just plan to properly identify and reduce them should be applauded. The Plan, however, is neither wise, just nor worthy of applause. It presumes women have no agency when under the influence of drugs or alcohol and that all men are violent offenders by default. Read the document and learn for yourself what could happen to both men and women if The Plan passes into law. Once you've read it, forward it to others with a copy of this message and get active. Write to your MP, raise awareness, talk to the press, raise some placards at your local shopping centre, take your protest to Canberra. Do whatever suits you, but please do something. If you do nothing, prepare to lose your civil liberties via the most draconian legislation since the anti-semitic Nazi Nuremberg Laws of 1935. Yes, it is that serious.
Here's a summary of what will happen if The Plan is endorsed by both Houses of Parliament:
1. The Australian Government will assume that women never lie about domestic violence or sexual assault, even when child custody is at stake and the temptation to lie is extreme.
2. The definitions of Domestic Violence will be broadened to include acts such as striking inanimate objects, making purchases without consulting a female partner, not listening to a female partner or even disciplining a dog. The same actions will not be considered DV if the actor is female (see item 3 below).
3. The legal redefinition of domestic violence will exclude male victims from that legal definition - i.e. men and boys who are assaulted by female relatives will not have legal rights as victims.
4. DV and Sexual assault cases will go to the front of the court docket (presumably ahead of first degree murder).
5. There will be lower standards for arrest and dual arrest may be forbidden where violence was reciprocal - i.e. police will not be allowed to arrest a woman if both partners were violent (The Plan presumes that female violence is self-defense in almost all cases, despite a substantial and growing body of evidence that indicates otherwise).
6. Protection Orders will be issued with lowered amount of proof, such as an accusation or belief from a specialist that violence "might" occur in the future - i.e. a woman's fear of violence, rational or not, justified or not, proven or not, would be enough to arrest a man and hold him without bail.
7. No-Contact orders will be issued much more often, and for non-criminal cases - i.e. a man could be separated from his children on the whims of their mother, without any proof of danger from him, and even when he is the only source of protection for his children against her own abuse and violent behaviour.
8. The burden of proof will lie with the accused to end a No-Contact order - i.e. the man must prove he wasn't violent, thereby ending the presumption of innocence, but only when the innocent person is male.
9. Ouster/ Exclusion Orders will be issued more frequently to remove an accused man (not a perpetrator, necessarily) from his residence, as well as removed from lease - i.e. make him homeless, even if his earnings paid for the house and everything in it, including the children's food, clothing and education).
10. A father's rights will be removed in cases where the State (read: DV industry specialist) feels that the father should never be allowed to see his children until they are adults - i.e. no conviction will be needed, just the word of a State DV specialist.
11. Men accused of any DV, regardless of conviction or criminal charges, will go on a national registry - i.e. a man's reputation will be potentially destroyed, together with his friendships, family relationships and job prospects permanently on the basis of an accusation alone.
12. Court procedures will change to limit or even disallow cross examination of "victim" (i.e. a woman who lies about DV may never be held accountable by the courts).
13. Cases of criminal accusations relating to DV and sexual assault will not be dropped ander any circumstances - i.e. a lying woman who wants to recant her false accusations before a hearing will be prohibited from doing so.
14. Pre-requests for allowing bail for an accused man (not a woman) will become extremely difficult - i.e. the presumption of innocence would be removed when men are accused of DV or sexual assault.
15. A method in which it is legally acceptable for a man and a women to engage in sexual intercourse will be formalised. A man will have to verbally ask permission, and receive a verbal affirmative answer, and be able to prove it in court, for each sexual act, even with his wife.
16. Broader scope when the state feels that female agency is no longer hers to give consent. Woman can remove consent after the fact if she was under the influence of drugs or alcohol - i.e. a woman would be deemed not to have agency when she is affected by drugs or alcohol, thus it would become the man's responsibility (even if he himself was affected by drugs or alcohol), to know precisely what his partner (or wife) had imbibed, how she was affected and how quickly she would be compos mentis (with medical precision) prior to any sexual encounter with her. NB. Men, however, will be assumed to always have agency when affected by drugs or alcohol at the time of a sexual encounter.
17. An accused man must show proof of consent when using certain defenses such as "mistaken consent" are used. Mistaken consent means he felt that she gave consent, but she denies giving it. In other words, a woman would be able to withdraw consent should she regret a sexual encounter at any time afterwards, and the man would have to provide evidence of a lie or go to jail for 20 years.
18. A "Gendered policy of arrest" will apply for DV and sexual assault cases - i.e. the man will ALWAYS be arrested, even when the woman is blatantly and obviously the guilty party.
19. The State will pay for the mother and children to remain in a residence with "crisis payments" and will pay for high tech security features - i.e. The State will keep children with their mother, under high security, away from their father, even if she lied about DV or sexual assault or if she is the (more) violent and abusive party.
20. The State will have the right to take children into State custody if the mother wants their children to have a relationship with the father, if the "Specialist" feels that this would be detrimental to the children in any manner - i.e. The DV specialist has the power to keep a father from his children until they turn 18, on the mother's say-soeven when the mother has lied about DV or is the greater danger to her children than their father.