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One does have to wonder where this is all heading. we have the latest saga about a female prison psychologist faking a "I BEEN RAPED" scene in order to get her husband to move to another swankier suburb, yep a qualified, recognised, licensed professional, supposedly grown up female, resorts to acting like a child just to get her own way..
The court was told Martinez, 36, engaged the help of her friend, Nicole April Snyder, 33, to stage the bogus crime in April last year. Before dialling 911, she split her own lip, wet her pants, ripped her blouse, and had a friend punch her in the face.When police arrived, she was crying hysterically, and told officers she had found a stranger in the house who knocked her out, raped her and fled taking two laptops, an Xbox and her purse.But she was allegedly caught out when a colleague told police she had faked the entire event.
Martinez staged the entire ordeal, scraping her own knuckles with sandpaper and used a pin to cut her lip, court papers allege.She ripped open own her shirt to expose her breasts and wet herself to persuade police she had been knocked unconscious, according to the documents.Her friend allegedly used specially bought boxing gloves to bruise her friend's face.

And the Pussy Pass, the automatically assumed and expected reduced sentence that only women receive was --
Sacramento Superior Court Judge Kevin J. McCormick sentenced Laurie Ann Martinez to five years probation, six months of electronic monitoring and ordered her to pay $4,463.32 in restitution for the police investigation.On top of that comes the personal cost - her husband has divorced her, and she was fired from her job as a psychologist at California State Prison, Sacramento.

The only real justice in this case was that her husband had the sense to give this lunatic the flick..

Mother who staged phony kidnapping and later found with daughter at Disney World gets eight years in prison for stealing more than $1million
The suburban mom arrested at Disney World after calling in a hoax kidnapping of her daughter nearly three years ago was sentenced to 100 months in jail after she was convicted of stealing more than $1million from her boss and a relative.
'She's convulsing': Demi Moore 911 call reveals actress 'smoked something'... but drug details are edited out
A tape of a 911 call that was made from Demi Moore's home the night she was rushed to hospital has been released. In the recording, a panicked female caller can be heard saying: 'She smoked something. It's not marijuana, but it's similar to incense.She added that Demi was 'convulsing' and 'semi-conscious, barely.'
Poor Demi Moore facing a rather lonely existance after the split up which in my opinion always takes two to instigate and deliberately work on, in the majority of cases. Even her million dollar plastic refit did not postpone the inevitable. Toy boys will always win out in the end. The sooner those ludicrous, youth seeking, women realise that the better for their own sanity, health and wellbeing..

And what length won't they go to to achieve fame ?

'My boob implants swelled to the size of my head... then EXPLODED!'

Exploding is not just a little over the top, it's way over, as they just leaked. But that's another story..

Now someone has to pay because they stuck foreign material behind their mammary glands..
All fascinating and entertaining stuff. Just like in them girlie magazines..