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I have often wondered why women all of a sudden had major issues with staying in an relationship. Why they had no issues whatsoever about tossing out one mate for another and make that effort so blase as it could be compared with changing underwear or lunch venue for the day..

T'was not a problem pre-pill days as your long married parents will testify..

Now we have the situation where the female sex, while swallowing the drug that allows them to endlessly fornicate, turns out to be a bigger problem than initially assumed. I have heard many females complaining about the side effects of the pill and wondered if that was the all of it. I wondered that the daily consumption of a drug would indeed develope into a more "gregarious" life..

Sadly, the woman ends up picking a partner that appears fine at the time while she is under the enhancement of this drug but the withdrawal symptoms appears to be a real bummer. The end result too, which will be ignored ofcourse, as will be the effect to the Husband and the hell he is about to be put through..

More info on the link below for anyone interested in the academic studies instigated in 1995, where this condition was first noticed..

Picking the Wrong Partner.

MHC-dependent mate preferences in humans.

However, the COCP (P. The Contraceptive Pill) has an unexpected side effect: it reverses women’s scent preferences for men. It is important to remember that as far as a woman’s body is concerned, when she’s on the pill, she’s perpetually pregnant.

While no one knows why pregnancy might reverse a women’s preferences for male body odor some have speculated that once pregnant a woman no longer needs to risk going out to meet unfamiliar men with differing MHCs. Instead, she would be safest being protected by her father, brothers, uncles and male cousins whom she now feels more comfortable being around because their MHC is most similar to her own.
However, women on the pill these days will go out and meet the potential fathers of their children while they are on the pill; while their bodies think they’re pregnant. While they’re attracted to men with similar MHCs instead of differing ones. This is potentially a whole load of bad news.

The Pill is Eroding our Civilisation.. 

Many couples meet when the woman is on the pill.

They go out for a while, like each other a lot, and then decide to get together and have a family. She goes off the pill, gets pregnant, and has a baby. But her response to him changes. There's something about him she finds irritating- something she hadn't noticed before.

Maybe she finds him sexually unattractive, and the distance between them grows. But her libido is fine. She gets flushed every time she gets close enough to smell her tennis coach. Her body, no longer silenced by the effects of the pill, may now be telling her that her husband (still the great guy she married) isn't a good genetic match for her.
But it's too late. They blame it on the work pressure, the stress of parenthood, each other. . . .(P. But usually HE is blamed) 

Psychology Today..

H/T Percy..