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Warren Farrell has a major fight on his hands and one has to wonder why..

Why is it to hard for Obama and the cadre of male haters he has installed into the White House, be so determined to ignore a simple request for equality. I am sure that most people are familiar with that word and also what it is supposed to mean..

Warren Farrell has approached the White House, Obama and it's occupants with a simple request and that is that boys are shown the same discrimination that girls are. See the video for the comparison of how much effort is put into educating boys and how much additional, on top of the copious levels that already applies to girls in the educational arena..

I am so sick to death of this and so should the majority of parents be also. If you have a son in the educational system, be prepared for a second class education as that is precisely what he will get. Add to that bias, the fact that the majority of teachers are females and have always demonstrated their penchant at helping their own and ignoring boys..

The entire episode is a total disgrace. Please, whatever you do. Kick that male imitator Obama to the kerb. It's where he belongs..