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This is past laughable, if it was not so farcical. Apparently female teachers, you know the ones who ignore the education of boys in favour of girls and as previously reported, Teaching without standing in front of a classroom or having anything to do with students, that one. Well it appears the perks have no limitation where female teachers are concerned..
Now they can have plastic surgery at the expense of the taxpayer. Important surgery, not what that original option was intended to be used for, nope, we have emergency procedures like liposuction, botox, facial enhancements, enhanced boobs, anything they like. They are women and they are worth it, just ask..

It probably would explain why they would indulge with such surgery, they would want to look nice for all those underage boys they are banging. Well, at least they are not being selfish about it..

Note also the heading and the explanation where they are too cowardly to name the sex who are the main culprits(then again the majority are females anyway). The heading should be "Female Teachers  Indulge in Plastic Surgery in order to have sex with Underage Students", now that would be a headline, as well as stating the bleeding obvious for a change, instead of pussy-footing around the real reasons. Good thing I am not a newspaper editor as the headlines would change in an instant..

Buffalo teachers still get free plastic surgery courtesy of taxpayers

Public school teachers in Buffalo can get botox, liposuction, hair removal, and various other nips and tucks from plastic surgeons -- all completely free. And taxpayers are footing the bill.

The Atlantic reports the perk is part of a self-insured rider in its teachers' contracts. There's no co-pay, so the school district pays for the cosmetic surgery procedures completely.

Though the bill was less than $1 million in 2004, the annual cost is now estimated at $5.4 million and, in 2009, teachers enjoyed $9 million worth of plastic surgery. The Buffalo News says nine out of 10 procedures were skin treatments that year, and 10 out of 10 were elective.