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Another version of what we already know to be the case. The reason I like this video is that it demonstrates how feminists unknowingly encouraged the existance of the Men's Movement and also the MRA. A claim they have denied on copious occasions. How is it possible for anyone to have negative feelings against the opposite sex, was not the question asked. The statement presented was one of "You're a misogynist" for not accepting the abuses. Those claims have been promoted and enhanced by the hate movement to try and misrepresent the actions and responses that has surfaced over the last decade or two.

No feminists has ever accepted the fact that they have actually generated the new male attitude and response to their own vitriol and decidedly toxic attitudes. They avoid admitting any responsibility and yet, when it's all said and done, they are responsible for the position they now find themselves in..

The endless complaining by female journalists as well as the occasional "white knight", pointing the finger at those recalcitrants, who have decided to opt out of the "marriage" market and simply go their own way, have been scorned and maligned just like they use to do in the old days. But this time it is more desperate, their provocative lecturing now just slide of the back like water and the overall response is one of disinterest, coupled with "I no longer give a damn". As desperation sets in with one sex and a laissez faire attitude in the other, the lecturing has turned to begging and coercion, unfortunately the circumstances have not changed and neither has the envronment to make the original proposal any more attractive..

The reasons for avoidance of marriage are still in place and they expect any man to hop aboard the bandwagon and willingly offer themselves up as some type of sacrificial offering at the hands of the state and the laws that has created this entire situation..

No compromise, No change..

It is not that hard to understand or comprehend. Why would any man consciously put his head on the chopping block for someone who has the legislated power to destroy his life. I mean really..