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I need to put out a call to all men in OZ (Australia) who can supply me with a list or individual site names/links on Men's Activists and supporters in OZ..
The reason is ofcourse simple, we have to gather our forces, combine our efforts and go about kicking some serious arse..

If you know of anyone, or are part of any site/organisation(not listed on the web), please send me the information via this address (have to keep the spammers away with this temporary listed mail address which is mensactivismoz at the Gmail dot com..pany)..

Any assistance would be a great help. I do already have a few of the main "fighters" like father4families, mensrights etc. but I would like to start from scratch. Even use my comments section to supply information as all comments are moderated before they are published and I will pick it up from there..

Thank you in advance. This will go a log way to ending the feminist tyranny currently flooding Australian Politics, which will eventually sweep the rest of the planet..

We have already found feminists working in Australia are from all over the world. We stop them here and they will not be able to practise and promote their hate movement anywhere else.