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Oh no! Liz Jones again. We have had the misfortune of commenting about this feminist before, one who could well be classed as a male hater, as all feminists can be graded as such because of their voluntary involvement with that male hating hegemony. Feminism has clearly demonstrated that beyond doubt, demonstrated it so clearly that even a child could comprehend it but we still have the nay-sayers clinging to their fanciful notion that being a feminist automatically ensures their own interpretations are paramount and no other explanation exists. Like I said, Childish, immature, baseless thinking that needs to be thrown in the rubbish bin along with the belief that feminism is about equality..
Anyway, back to Jones. Gee, where does one begin. One would have to be able to interpret it's fantasies from reality while loaded on crack. Cognitive dissonance would not even go any where near explaining the missteps this woman has wallowed through..

Liz Jones : " I want a BABY..

Feminist Liz Jones to Suffer Another Christmas Alone, Sniff.!!

To LIZ JONES: Women Killed Chivalry, Too Hard To Learn ?

As you can see, she has raised it's narcissistic head before and it was not pretty. But once again we notice that same CD(cog. dis.) level has not evaporated at all as one would imagine to be the case as one's years increase on this planet. Nope, it appears that only some learn and some just keep flogging that same dead horse that hasn't moved for ten years..

If you have run out of tissues, as one does when reading the warped insolence of Jones, use a towel..

Why do women like me still cling to the fantasy of being swept off our feet? (... even at the age of 53!)

That could be regarded as an obvious question, it borders on reasonable, even for Jones' standards, but it follows the same irrational depth defying logic as she usually does..
A good sport, he texted me this: ‘I’ve been wondering, Liz, why you are alone. And it’s because you know most men aren’t worthy of you.’ This is true: special women hold out for longer, ever hopeful. We believe he is out there, somewhere, that one-in-a-million man, that white knight.

OMNIA VANITAS, (all is vanity). I wondered if Jones actually noticed the sarcasm or whether she actually assumed that that no one deserved of her diety, royal assent, acceptance. One only has to read a couple of her comments to see that that is precisely true. Jones is the typical feminist female who has such a high opinion of herself that she could not possibly regard anyone en par with such a brilliant, exciting, more exciting, enthralling and hallowed prize as herself. All men should, at the drop of a hat, queue at the stable door for her assessment and be prepared for the inevitable "penis comparison test", just so she can demonstrate her superior girlishness. In reality, it has the sex appeal of fellow feminastie, Maureen Dowd (same whining age and moans about the exact same issue, no one wants a bar of em!), both enjoying the manners of a foraging Canadian Wolverine on heat. Don't believe me, than have a look at this photograph and tell me how exited you are and how you would go out of your way to avoid wish to meet it. She is epitome of the saying that "If you can't do it, teach it"..

Bloody hell, it would frighten kids as it looks like a participant in the Salem Witch Trials and survived.
Our standards are impossibly high. Endlessly disappointed, like Madonna we never made relationships a priority. We believed that success, money, power and nice things would be enough. Unfortunately, we have discovered they aren’t.
Using Madonna as an example is like getting PETA to promote a local abattoir. 

Yep, she got conned, like so many other women her own age did, blindly accepted the feminists mantra "You can have it all", erm no you can't, but went onto screwing up it's own life and where has that got her, apart from endless bitching about how hard life is and how hard it is to find a man according to some imaginary, unlimited, yardstick. In reality, I think she is just a pain in the arse. I think this women is way too obnoxious in more ways than one to even be considered as a partner unless you enjoy the endless "dick" comparison activity at the end of every day, as you greet it at the door, along with it's endless demands for you to entertain her, while she in return, returns nothing.  She will ofcourse ensure bitter annoyance and endless entitlement. As all feminists have already demonstrated, to partner one could only be compared to living a life of self denial and facing those  endless demands of ensuring that you did half the washing up and took your turn at any other efforts, that is normally required on a daily basis for existence. Fancy having to spend endless days being rammed through the wringer on every minutiae of daily existence, just because she decides it should be the case..

Nope, give that a miss, thank you very much..
I will probably have nightmares after seeing that image..

Even the Bern waxes lyrical on the topic..