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Great to see all round good guy and blog follower Dr.Greg Canning, demonstrate what it takes to get the message out and spread the word. Greg states a few obvious issues that need to be stated and demonstrates also that the need for a good solid Men's Coalition in Australia is way overdue..

We have already exposed the fact that radical feminists have infiltrated the Gillard Government with her blessing, granted tax payer dollars to the tune of 2 Billion dollars to feminist interests and have already influenced legislation that is designed to limit, if not take it away all together, Men's fundamental Basic Human rights. The legislation already introduced is for any man to be automatically found guilty at the "word" of one single female, without proof or witnesses or even substantiated by professional evidence as one would have if one was assaulted or robbed.
This is a basic human rights issue as no one should be able be imprisoned, according to existing laws or held guilty without that person being able to have their day in court with a jury present, to argue their case. This has already been the case as many Men in Australia and world-wide can already testify..

So it's with great enthusiasm that I bring this great news and congratulate Greg on his great effort. Well Done. This has really made my day..

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