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A group of  Heteronormative, Cisgendered, Sex Positive, Feminists, I think..

One could be mistaken for thinking that any feminist enabler, follower or adherant, suffers increasingly from any number of registered psychological conditions, that could only be treated with "shock therapy"(only eco-positive, solar generated, real power, ofcourse) or maybe even a possible complete brain evacuation could overcome the condition they have self-generated in order to "express" themselves. They have had to invent new words, as the old language was apparently inadequate for "what needs to be erm, said"..

A severe level of cognitive dissonance would assist in delving into the subconscious in order to seek   depth of expression until they realise that it's not what it is for. The two new generation thinkers below demonstrate how the "new feminists" think and behave in order to be "there and present", new invectives had to be invented, over-abusing the verb as standard, the predicate boosted with comments that leaves the normal and sane gaping in wonderment; a feminist's standard pursuit for the day..
It's akin to spending the morning trying to find the cookie jar, just to find it's empty. The end result of listening to their comments or conversation has that same disappointing end result..
It could well be the case that I am too ignorant about the new heightened level of the feminist savant, but I am probably thinking more along the lines of idiot savant, methinks..

Comments raised to explain this condition -

"You're obviously just intimidated by cutting-edge, intellectual minds"


"I'm a white, heteronormative, cisgendered, sex positive, privileged, "add you own sex."

That's it. My brain is starting to ache..