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Just in case you are wondering (NOT) what's in the latest quarter version of the "Women's Monthly"(they contemplated calling it that and got cold feet, gee eh!), here it is..

The usual smattering of the typically inane DIET, Victimhood, Former movie stars, Body Image Issues and ofcourse 'HOW TO LOOK GREAT WHEN BEING PHOTOSHOPPED", special front page nude shot of what's her name..

The aged ego obviously exceedingly greater than the talents of the Photoshop artist..

And that’s the state of feminist discourse today: Deborah Hutton gets universally pelted nationwide over her slightly photo-shopped Women’s Weekly cover pic designed to celebrate her 50-year old body, flaws and all. Next time, avoid the furore and just wear a tasteful pant suit.

In case you didn’t have enough reasons to adore her: Tina Fey currently working the death of Kim Jong Il into a 30 Rock storyline. Please let it involve a clip of ‘‘I’m So Ronrey’’ from World Police. Can’t get enough of it.

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