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Staying on topic, my total loathing for the Gillard Government has really no limit. This was prior to it  being linked to the members of the RadFem Hub and the lunatic asylum therein. Prior to being linked to radical feminists. The actions of this government is beyond comprehension as they continue to change laws that worked well in the past and add feminist anti-family, anti-male, anti-father spin. The radical feminist control over the Labor Party and it's law making mechanism has been exposed for all to witness (see previous posts)..

In order to explain the incredible amount of effect radical feminism has had on the Family Law legislation in Australia, here is a sample of the authors who have input into papers and recommendations. The majority of these people listed below are radical feminists, they are not honourable people. They are there to ensure that the feminist doctrine is fully applied to any family/ child legislation where only women are recognised and the function of fathers are ignored, written off as a surplus or just discarded as a nonentity..

This is where and why there is such furore over the Family Court decisions/system and it's decision making mechanism, it only favours Mothers and this is why Fathers are finding out that they no longer have any say or input into their children's lives. This is the reason why Fathers, as far as State and Federal governments are concerned, no longer exist and should have minimal input into their own children's lives..

bell hooks
Cathy Humphreys
Beverly Engel
Andrea Dworkin
Germaine Greer
Lundy Bancroft
Patricia Easteal
R. W. Connell
Sheila Jeffreys
Catharine A. MacKinnon
Robin Morgan
Michael S. Kimmel
Betty McLellan
Hilary Abrahams
Susan Brewster