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Working on laptops Effects Women The Most too..

After years of this endless drivel on how women are badly "affected the most by (enter condition)", one would wonder how do they manage to live longer than men do anyway. It's a miracle. Everything possible appears to effect women more than men even after being constantly informed on how superior all those "strong" and "brave" and "Independent" women are.

Usual feminist hype and double-think hard at work ofcourse..

It does demonstrate what an effective grapevine they have operating as the ongoing assault on the senses as well as their well rehearsed news releases, batter all and sundry with the same messages, regardless of country or organisation. Interesting..

UN: Women, Gender Equality and Climate Change

All Africa :  Zambia: The Impact of Climate Change On Women

Climate Change Will Affect Women More Severely Than Men

Zambia Daily Mail: Women most affected by climate change

Research Shows Climate Change Disproportionately Affects Women

Aus Gov: An overseas consultant, who believes women are more vulnerable to climate change than men, was given almost $20,000 by AusAid last year.

Wars apparently "affect women the most" because those bloody men die, inconsiderate bastards.

So it's the following issues that "Effect women the most"..

Lack of Water : effects women the most..
Budget cuts : effect women the most..
Union busting : effects women the most..
Alcohol : effects women the most..
English language cuts : effect women the most..
Heart disease : effect women the most..
Osteoporosis : effects women the most..
Poor hygiene : effect women the most..
Recession : effect women the most..
Multiple sclerosis : effect women the most..
Cigarettes : effect women the most..
Autoimmune disease : effects women the most..
Commuting to work : effects women the most..
HIV and Aids : effect women the most..
Obesity : effect women the most..
Urinary incontinence : effect women the most..
Relationship status : effects women the most..

Just Google and pose the question "effect women the most" and you will receive a short, abbreviated listing of only " 780,000,000 results"..And there I was thinking that only "Gravity" effected women the most, apparently I was wrong..