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The Men's Movement has been trying for the last 40 years to have governments look at making some reasonable efforts in establishing a National Men's Health Department, all to no avail ofcourse. Every possible effort and approach has been made but not one iota has been achieved as politicians and bureaucrats concentrate every effort on the opposite sex while man and child are allocated to second and third place..

One of the main culprits is ofcourse the current Labor Government with feminists like Gillard and Roxon at the helm of the most important departments. Roxon (Health Minister) claimed to be working on a National Men's Health Scheme and stated such in the Australian in July 2008. She allocated the pathetic amount of $430,000 (less than what they spend at lunch for the year)  I have seen this document and apart from the usual admission that there may be the odd problem with the health of males in Australia, (for every one dollar for prostate to 300 dollars for breast) nothing much else has happened..We have tried on copious occasions to have the funding raised for Prostate Cancer the same as it is for Breast Cancer and faced that same resistance.Meanwhile, while Men die at the rate of 3000 plus every year, we have allocations in the National Medical Health Scheme, Medicare) for payments for Designer Vaginas.

From the Medical Journal..
During my time as Director of Professional Services Review, the Safety Net was used in effect to subsidise cosmetic procedures such as surgery for “designer vaginas” at $5000–$6000 each. I knew that the DoHA was aware of such misuses of the Safety Net. However, there seem to be no politicians with the appetite to face the problem and rein in millions of dollars in potentially inappropriate payments.
Funds easily flow through the system whenever it has anything to do with the opposite sex,  one blatant   example is the introduction of the HPV vaccinations for girls, that money was immediately made available. Not a problem whatsoever, but try as we will to get anything substantial in the works regarding a Men's Health, it falls on deaf ears..

I personally could not give a damn about DV(Designer Vags) to be honest as they can pretty them up as much as they like. It is pathetic that this issue has to be raised just to demonstrate even more imbalance in the health system. One, set up primarily to care for half of the sex. We can at least be thankful that it exists at all..

The only way that we will gain any type of result is to tell politicians that their jobs are on the line if nothing is done or if this issue is ignored. At the next federal election, this should be put on the discussion table and questions asked or the votes that their jobs rely on will be in jeopardy. The sooner they understand and comprehend that the sooner less men die of preventable diseases that can be cured by better education and treatment..
The longer your Husband, Father, Grandfather lives the better off you will be, it's that brutally simple..