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The feminist's nightmare, the family

I have on my Google reader a site named "What Black Men Think", having been pointed in that direction quite a few years a go and keeping an interest in my coloured brothers has always been there as I have met many and have a very good personal friend as well..

The other side of the coin was the endless expose of black women, especially by Hollywood, who appear to be determined to expose them as heartless, nasty and totally obnoxious bitches, which has appeared to have worked where I am concerned. Couple that with the endless examples of their penchant to banging thugs and being the majority of single mothers (70%) and one does have to wonder what the hell is going on. It's would appear to be a problem with no possibility of change..

So meanwhile we have all black men cast as useless individuals by those exact mommas, just like all men are now derided and castigated by any and most females at will. One has to wonder who is going to wake up first, as it is obviously not working out and also, who will actual admit to being the major culprit for creating, what is obviously becoming, a totally dysfunctional society..

Yes well, someone somewhere has to start the reversing methodology of that society destroying attitude and there are a lot of good guys out there trying hard..

What Black Men Think..

My inquisitive nature wondered why black men, especially the Hip-Hop crowd, started caning the piss out of the sistas a few years back, also wondered if this was just an example, indicator or expression of what they really thought about their women. Think back to when some women bandied together and tried to censure and eliminate that level of vitriol against their own sex, just because it was there and they really did not care why, or the reason it surfaced to begin with, they just wanted it stopped. The girls had their reasons of ensuring their broken pedestal was not completely shattered and destroyed. So they worked at changing the wording of those songs, via threat, denigration and hubris, and it would appear that it did to some degree, work.

But the relentless downhill slide which appears to have affected all poorer communities more, is still rampant as new generations of boys are raised by a majority of single mothers even though we know that women cannot raise a son on their own and still expect that individual to be a normal, happy, balanced human being. The odds are against that as studies clearly demonstrate, a woman is incapable of joining in the ruff and tumble of boisterous lads, as many mothers will happily attest, and also incapable of exposing him to areas that would ensure his ability to prosper, as all he ever would get is the female perspective, not good.

In normal families the mother would educate their son/s on specific areas like affection, hygiene, diet and general physical presentation (they all overlap between parents) but a Father's presence (without him speaking a word) can have a major affect on his thinking by just demonstrating how he interacts with the woman in his life(the boy's mother). Children see a lot more than they hear, learn by example more than lecturing. If that relationship is stable, loving and happy, then it sets a benchmark for his own outlook and behavioral patterns. Feminists are quite aware of this, which is why one of their goals is to destroy the family and give all rights of possession of the child to the mother..

So we have this book and you can read the first chapter on that link supplied. It is about the usual problems that most face and have to deal with but there are more problems created with the influx and expansion of single mothers that can, will and are just way too big to handle, seeing that life already brings copious challenges as it is, without the help of creating more unrequested and undeserved ones..

It is not a matter of a boy needing his dad or male company, it's a matter of having to. Males seek male company desperately, particularly when exposed to the opposite sex for a period of time. The idiosyncrasies of the female mind as well as the endless conversational levels, is just something way too hard to deal with on a constant level. It is akin to escaping a prison cell with the volume turned up and one does have to escape that, if one admits that necessity in all honesty. It is not the case of, if, it's when..

Why He Hates You..

Single mothers would serve their sons better by letting him spend more time at other boy's homes, preferably a married stable home where both parents are present as this with counter the endless single presence of a female, where male company is not only wanted but desperately required, desperately needed. Mothers can only teach boys half of what they need to know. That's a fact as studies have continually demonstrated and that goes for girls as well. They learn a lot by just watching..
The blame is ofcourse not mainly pointed to one sex but I just refuse to include the standard disclaimer as I normally view that as excusing the one or apologising, where an apology is not in most cases warranted..


Dear Daddy..

82.3% is the number of African American children born since 1990 that will not live in the same home as their biological fathers before graduating High School. Today, a generation of African American youth, have not had sustained access to positive paternal or male role models. Consequently, the concept of a residential father is often too removed from these children’s reality. Many of us know the statistics; too many of us have attempted to affect the multiple social, economic and educational dilemmas facing the African American community.Through outreach media, iYAGO Entertainment Group has dedicated its works to familial reconciliation and healing.