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Looks like the suckers in Lebanon are next in line for the male hating, invasion, hegemony. Those idiots have no idea what they are in for. As with anything feminist, everything is presented with a nice smiley face, without the eventual vitriol they leave to the hate managers, the radical lesbian feminist hit team. Those clowns have absolutely no idea what they are letting themselves in for..

 Obviously, lessons learnt elsewhere is beyond their comprehension..
This same technique was tried right here in the city where I live. It was hailed as a modern miracle, a major boost for women. The utopia that feminists promised was just about in view.
Women running a service station was more important than the invention of penicillin, greater than the light globe, more important than landing on the moon. You get the drift and can just imagine the media playing the hysterical worshipping role, like they had just learnt how to write..
 Ten months later, one service station was in receivership and the all "women" staff back on the employment line and that same newspaper must have failed to mention that somehow. The entire saga was a total joke..

Rinse and repeat..

A Feminist Touch at the Pump 
The Queen is the only Lebanese gas station operated by women.

SIDON, Lebanon – Women who fill empowered by filling up? At the Queen gasoline station in Sidon, Lebanon, the mostly female staff say their work gives them purpose, the Daily Star reports. The gasoline station is the first — and only — one in the country that is run by women.
“Of course, people were shocked at first. But now they’re used to it,” said Manager Samar Dakdouk. “Now, people are happy about it, and they come because of the good service.”
Established by Merhi Abou Merhi as a way for women to work in a traditionally male environment, the gasoline station has won the support of locals, especially female drivers. The employees, wearing pink sweaters, pump gas and clean cars for customers.
“At first it was hard to find employees, because as far as I know it’s the first time there’s something like this in the Arab world,” said Dakdouk. She had worked with her brothers at their U.S. gasoline stations before moving back to Lebanon. “The concept is a VIP gas and car cleaning service by women. It’s good for our patriarchal society.”
The station does employ a few men who work the pumps and in the convenience stores, but the majority of employees are female. “They’re so happy because they’re doing something special,” said Dakdouk. “In Sidon, everyone knows each other, and the people have gotten to know us.”