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I am so disappointed, I went to this Facebook page to give my total support to the efforts of banning or whatever they had in mind about Hugo Schwyzer. You would recognise him from being the recipient of the now almost famous WMASAW Mangina Award.

The Feminists Against Hugo Schwyzer Facebook page had my full support and I even stated that on their wall. The response I got was the usual incoherent drivel that one expects from feminists and one even commented that MRAs like myself, were only pretending that we were against Hugo and would after he has done his penance, be reinstated, we would once again meet and greet his sorry arse and accept him once again into the fold..

Some irrelevant blathering..
Feminist male wimp: Rob Diaz - you should change the name to "Some Feminists Against Hugo Schwyze"ryou dont represent the whole, not everyone Feminist agree with what you are all saying. If you don't believe me as Jezebel.
I must admit to not being too friendly with my response when I pointed out that Hugo wanted to turn men into something that no one wanted or was even remotely interested in, I suggested that Hugo would serve sufficiently as the prime example..

More irrelevant blathering..
Toxic Feminastie - Rafaela Stancic -  I like how she noted the similarities between Hugo and Tim Wise (whom I CANNOT stand), because that's also something I've been noticing for a while. Although Hugo is definitely in a class of his own when it comes to privileged douchebaggery and the co-opting of marginalized peoples' movements (plus Tim Wise never raped or tried to kill anyone, at least to my knowledge).
But all to no avail unfortunately, they shut the wall down to invite only and I failed to track any of my comments to show here so I would say they were deleted or hidden. But I would believe that I may have overstepped my welcome when I suggested that "All you girls" should get their act together and toss him to the curb where he belongs. just no sense of humour. Gee! what is the world coming to..

And even more IB..
Feminastie afterbirth recipient : Placental Mammal - Infuriating, but at this rate not too surprising. Jill engages in the both sides bullcrap with Nice Police lecturing about the problems of marginalizing perpetrators of gendered violence. I'd say Stick A Fork In It, but that blog died years ago. I'm sure the real feminists out there can create something new and better.​archives/2012/01/17/​on-the-hugo-business/
Hang on a sec,.... waiting for the tears of laughter to clear, "Placental Mammal" who thinks this stuff up, I mean really, what level of child are these feminists. It is worth a look just to witness that cognitive dissonance at work, in quadraphonic as surround sound just doesn't quite explain it sufficiently. The best comedy of the week. 9 Points..

The one single disappointing factor that really affected me the most was David Man-tits wasn't there to stand up for his buddy, his hero, his mentor, to fight in his corner and demand some level of "equality" of justice. Oh ofcourse, I forgot, that would be way out of character..