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The Costa Concordia event appears to have opened a few eyes to the truth of the day. It also would appear that there will never be an opportunity missed to try on a new level of male bashing when the opportunity arises.
The recent articles stating that men pushed women aside is really "feminist gold", it's akin to the "See, what they are like" type hysteria (we came across on that radical feminist site), the issue they prefer to raise rather than trying to explain the ingrained, automatic actions of human survival, instead they pinpoint the reactions and responses for denigration purposes..

In the past, it has been those very same male haters, those feminist journalists who have taken any opportunity to malign and denigrate males, such was the case when fantacising about all those "Millions of Hookers" that failed to appear at the Football World Cup in Europe or at the Super Bowl. Those professionally presented exaggerations whenever there is some demonstrated evidence, however minute. It is their bread and butter,  if there is any indication that "women are victims", on the bandwagon they ride..

The obvious response would be "You got what you wanted, your very own version of equawlitee", just live with it. No more preferrential treatment granted, as was taken for granted and assumed to be the case in the past, even now. Reminds me of that tune, "Don't know what you got till it's gone". The irony lingers, it so magically sums up that entire situation..

To demonstrate how that whole scenario panned out without any assistance from the MM, just standard responses from men and women around the world regarding that ocean liner keeling over, a few automatic, natural responses that reflects the general tone of all involved..

As Joanna T. commented on her listing in the right hand column, concerning the rise of friction between the sexes, " what went wrong", that is a good question and that may have to be looked at in a little more detail..

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confused Posted at 10:35 AM January 16, 2012 I guess chivalry is dead then.Comment 1 of 92

Jack Off of Nanny State Posted at 10:38 AM January 16, 2012 Men pushing women aside? discrimination against men again, according to the women's Lib, we are all equal.Comment 2 of 92

Grumbleduke Posted at 10:38 AM January 16, 2012 Men pushing away women? So? It just shows that you have the equality you want. No need for men to be chivalrous about things anymore, you can push just as hard as the guys remember?Comment 3 of 92

The Green Eye of Western Australia Posted at 10:47 AM January 16, 2012 Such is life. Disgusting ain't it.Comment 4 of 92

nk of Perth Posted at 10:49 AM January 16, 2012 What does everyone expect? to start playing the Violin with your mates. This ain't 1912 & it is no the moviesComment 5 of 92

someone of Roleystone Posted at 10:49 AM January 16, 2012 yes chivalry is dead. Individuals equality has made sure of this. Sad factComment 6 of 92

Bert of Mandurah Posted at 10:53 AM January 16, 2012 Eat and be eaten.....Stay alive in the process applies for all of us.PS.As none of yours been on the ship and experienced what it is really like to fight for your life at that moment. SHUT UPComment 7 of 92

ME FIRST! of Perth Posted at 10:53 AM January 16, 2012 Welcome to the 21st Century people - era of selfComment 8 of 92

joan of fremantle Posted at 10:54 AM January 16, 2012 You want equality,, sounds like you got it! I wonder if these were men in gay marriages?Comment 9 of 92

M&M's of OZ Posted at 10:54 AM January 16, 2012 Well what do you really seriously expect in such a situation, after all the phrase > its every man for himself > wasn't coined for no reason!Comment 10 of 92