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Emma from Femifisting..
The fact that feminism is a life and soul destroying doctrine is finally being admitted, finally a confession that it's adherence does not only alienate any of it's enablers but basically will eventually destroy any possibility of having a normal existance. I laugh at the sheer stupidity of these women who have sold their soul to the Devil that they deny even exists. Unfortunately, that's the idea..

Such a waste of a human being as you can see..

It is not too often that we have a confession from one of their own -

Feminist High HorsesBy Emma from Femisting..
Being a Women and Gender Studies major, working in the Women’s Resource Center, and being a loud advocate for social justice sometimes leaves me without a sense of reality. To me, it is not enough to be progressive,
To any normal person reading the first sentence, they would automatically install some red flags about this Emma, more than two red flags and it's avoid time. First we have a female with a useless major, coupled with useless limited employment, alienation two red flags already. Coupled with a "no sense of reality", we have what have always considered to be a severe case of "Feministitis", this is a contagious disease that affect the central nervous system to such a degree as to remove reality.

Psychosis (psychosis |sīˈkōsəs|noun ( pl. -ses |-ˌsēz|)a severe mental disorder in which thought and emotions are so impaired that contact is lost with external reality.) is the main by-product of feminist doctrine, it's enabling and adherence.A condition noticed by everyone else but unfortunately it's not recognised by the individual suffering from it. So this is good as she has recognised her estranged condition, so there is hope..
 I learn all sorts of theory, and that theory becomes a stepping ladder for my feminist high horse. Yes, I have a feminist high horse. Her name is Gloria Butler-hooks-Halberstam and she is badass, but I have to be really careful when riding. I wish she came with a disclaimer: “Ride and appear to be a pretentious, self-righteous man hater at your own risk.”
 More confessions as we once again verify the "Male Hating" part of feminism, something they have always denied. Here it is in all of it's glory for all to see..

One final part of the confession as I am almost reaching for the tissues as this is just so (smirk, giggle, laugh) sad..
I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to explain Judith Butler’s theory of gender performance and the discursive recreating of the closet to an unsuspecting dinner party, but I have, and I wasn’t ever invited back. I understand, I wouldn’t want to have dinner with me either.
Sadly though, I had high hopes for Emma but it appears that she is just too far gone. To far down the rabbit hole and it's way too hard to crawl out. She prefers the "Male hating" doctrine as she feasts on it's  stupidity, it's erroneous theories and elevated hypocrisy liberally dosed with with their own level of conundrums. Most say that addictions can be overcome but I do believe that she has the same problem as Amy Winehouse had, too far gone..

And here we have a complete listing of her fellow Male Haters at the delusional Feministing site..
All guaranteeing their later years will be spent sharing nights with their cats for company..

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