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There are a few things we know for an absolute fact..

Feminists has the backing from some very rich private sources like Billionaire George Soros, as well as quite a few others..
There is a direct link between Marxism, Socialism and Feminism, there is no doubt whatsoever, it's  directly attached via an umbilical cord, the over zealous left wing's determination to ensure their doctrines of influence are introduced and in the long term it will be the men who will continue to pay the price and that path to eventually include women as well as they rail them into the governments handouts which they will not be able to do without..

The gradual and consistent reduction of human rights can also be witnessed with the introduction of laws like VAWA, the "Safe at Home" legislation and also the new legislation the Gillard Government(Aus) wants in place under the guidance of radical feminists. All that legislation is designed to transfer additional powers to women and reduce the rights of all men. It is that simple. Plenty of example are already quite visible and if you refuse to accept that or believe it, go to a family court hearing and watch how they throw the Father's rights straight into the rubbish bin while priority is given to the "mother". This is a well known fact as well. Very rarely will you see justice actually done as  feminist influences increases..

How does all this affect the people involved in that industry, they can easily point out the "Dads" who have suicided, I can give you a list of four from the last two years..

Below are some names of those hypocritical left wing anti-capitalists, those wealthy promoters, whose hypocrisy glaringly stands out like a shining beacon of stupidity and sheer arrogance. These are the same people who fund  their other society goals and aims like feminism..

I have no problem with anyone making money but it should at least be used for good, not malice..

Most of these hypocrites have lead the life of luxury, they have sucked the profits out of anything they can get their hands on. They play the system in every possible way. Soros' fortune was made paying no more than 10% tax on the billions he has. He has lived off the taxpayer's hard work and here he is promoting the feminist religion that he uses to enrich himself even further, while at the same time promoting this hate movement like it will benefit all and sundry, when in reality is just causes more pain and suffering.
One does have to wonder what their long term motives are, whether it is following the dollars or just promoting communism or its variable version of socialism which will benefit themselves the most. In their opinion, there has to be an upper echelon akin to the politburo, which is just a copy that same upper echelon of greedy humans we have now as part of normal society. Yet these people make the claim to want to improve it. It is weird, The top 10 percent who own 80% want to make changes to do what ?

To be honest, I have absolutely no idea but I know it is not for the good of society as these people want to change it into something that has never been tested. These individuals are flat out trying to destroy the very same system that has made them the millions they have, must be reason to wonder..

The only match that I can see is that anyone associated with the global warming circus has the same sympathies with and about feminism. It seems to be the same mentality pushing and promoting it, the same people ploughing money into a doctrine they feel will benefit all. Instead it will instil the directly opposite effect wherein men will be cast back to the middle ages as far as our rights are concerned and just be increased slaves to the system..

To some this may be a stretch but there is more at work promoting and pushing the feminist agenda and we need to find out more about the people behind the scene, those people who hide behind anonymity, those faceless people who have always manipulated and managed the throngs, behind closed doors..

Posh Anti-Capitalism

The next time you’re forced to attend a dinner party, keep an eye out for the global warmer.  Then ask him what he thinks about supermarkets (wicked), ‘consumer society’ (soulless), world trade (cruel) and government regulation (more needed).  Global warmers are, in short, anti-capitalist.  But – and here’s the really important thing to understand – it’s a very specific form of anti-capitalism.  We might call it posh anti-capitalism.
In the old days, when there was less swearing on TV and kids were scared of policemen, anti-capitalism was coloured Red.   The Reds complained that capitalism would cause the ‘immiseration’ of the workers, and they dreamed of giant socialist factories, out-producing the West.
The tragedy (for the Reds) was that capitalism didn’t play ball.  Instead of getting poorer, ordinary folk got richer – much, much richer.  For the simple reason that capitalist mass production must necessarily go hand in hand with mass consumption.  What the new-leftists call ‘consumer society’.
But these days, anti-capitalists are coloured Green.  They campaign not in the name of the working class, but of ‘Earth’.  Instead of giant factories, they dream of little handicraft workshops and organic peasant farms.  They complain not that capitalism will impoverish the workers, but, on the contrary, that capitalism has made them too rich.  It is the very success of capitalism that seems to upset them.
Green guru James Lovelock says the overconsuming public is like a ‘revolting teenager’ and says we are ‘far too greedy and selfish for our own good.’  Green Party politician Caroline Lucas says we must ‘move away from endless consumerism and materialism.’ Green foodie Colin Tudge, condemns ‘the mindless accumulation of wealth for ill-defined purposes.’ John Naish, in his bookEnough, says we should be satisfied with what we have, ‘In the Western world we now have everything we could possibly need.  There is no ‘more’.’  To Oliver James, prosperity is a disease - he calls it the ‘Affluenza Virus’.  It’s all too much for celebrity journalist Rosie Boycott, ‘Stuff – in all its forms – fills the empty spaces inside, which materialism creates.’
It is more than ironic that the anti-consumption rant comes from people who are, by global standards, rolling in the stuff and from a superior social class. Take a look at Al Gore and Prince Charles, at Jonathon Porritt, the old Etonian friend of Prince Charles, son of Lord Porritt; or the old Etonian Baron Lord Peter Melchett, former head of Greenpeace, or Ecologist editor Zac Goldsmith, another old Etonian, son of the billionaire James Goldsmith, and nephew of yet another old Etonian the Green guru Edward Goldsmith; or ‘eco-warrior’ Mark Brown, who was acquitted of leading the ‘Carnival Against Capitalism’, who is a member of the fabulously wealthy Vestey family; or the founder of the Soil Association Lady Eve Balfour, daughter of the Earl of Balfour; or the author of the Global Warming Survival Handbook, David de Rothschild, and so on, and on.   Charles Secrett, former executive director of Friends of the Earth helpfully explains, ‘Among the aristocrats there is a sense of noblesse oblige … a feeling of stewardship towards the land.’
Brendan O’Neill says in The Guardian, ‘It is remarkable how many leading environmentalists come from wealthy or aristocratic backgrounds.’ And adds, ‘There is something irritating - actually, let's not beat around the bush - there is something monumentally infuriating about rich people telling the masses that they should live more meekly.’