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Future Yogi-ists, better brush upon your Oooooommm!!!
One does have to wonder if the girls just go through the motions of achieving their goals, whatever that may be, at some high powered position or some other pursuit.  Come to the realisation that it sucks to such a degree as they have to continuously compete with our sex, even though they are given priority. Realise eventually, that this is not the way one lives a life and finds something else or better(in their opinion) to do. One does wonder as that realisation seems to appear at that magic "Thirty" number where they still have a few options left..
 “Ommm,” Koritansky exhaled last week at a yoga studio in Dupont Circle. Sixteen yogis-in-training were there, all women, all under 35. They meditated together, on the cusp of competing their final, 200th hour of training.
Training with her were PhD candidates and investment bankers, teachers and sales managers, a White House staffer and a lobbyist. Several declined to talk to a reporter, not wanting to tip off their employers about their new passion, or their potential next career.
Mmmm, at that age they can still incubate, catch another partner and maybe achieve that "soul mate" utopia they appear to lust and dream about. I would imagine that it's imprinted into the DNA as well, which would explain why feminists have backed off from bagging the crap out of them, because they have gone through the exact same situation themselves..

Spending your old age with cats for company really sucks, ask Liz Jones and Maureen Dowd. Two female feminists who utterly deserve their solitude so they can lecture their cats about their misery as well as missing their "cusp". Poor cats..

The other issue that I find interesting is how they will finance their newly found "passion", as it has been known for them to not save or put aside funds for future use. The odd one would but rather, did they find a partner already or have one already who will finance them as they participate in their new "Yogi" interest..

Sadly to say, men do not have that choice or option, they very rarely take it up even if it was plausible. It is one thing to toss in a job to follow one's interest but it's another thing finding someone who will finance you through that exploration, especially a member of the opposite sex. Oh well, good luck to them, if they can pull it off, it's going to mean that I will have to brush up on my Yoga techniques as there is going to be an influx of new Yogi teachers, swarming the countryside and one will eventually come across them either un-coerced, accidentally or the other(probable exposure on TV). It has been waiting in the wings for a new boost, just like Pilates did (Pilates Vs Yoga).
At Studio DC, the number of students in teacher-training classes doubled in 2011 to 80. After 200 hours of training, the yogis-to-be can register with the Yoga Alliance, which has seen its count of registered yoga teachers climb nationally from 20,000 to 35,000 over the past five years. The registration adds legitimacy to a profession that has no formal licensing requirements.