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This information is what feminist have been trying to hide, deleteand deny for many a decade. They are of the opinion that themenstrual cycle is irrelevant and superfluous to their cause and onecan understand why when one looks at the studies on how women areaffected by it.

In the worst case scenarios, their behaviour areeffected to such a degree as to make them totally dysfunctional andeven bedridden for the period(intended) of the cycle. The other sideof the argument is ofcourse that it is swept under the carpet and notdiscussed or taken seriously..

Just some added benefits from feminism, as they live in ignorant,self induced silence..

How men can decode women’s menstrual cycles

Men can actually tell from a woman's voice when she ishaving her period, a new study has claimed.

For the study, conducted by Nathan Pipitone at Adams State Collegeand Gordon Gallup from SUNY-Albany, the researchers asked threegroups of men to listen to voice recordings of ten womenwho counted from one to five at four different points over theirmenstrualcycle.
How men can decode women’s menstrual cycles

According to PopularScience, all four recordings were played in a random order andthen the first group of men were asked to guesswhich were made while the women were on their period. The tests revealed that the men were correct 35 per cent of thetime, which was described as a 'significant' result.

A study by the two scientists four years ago had already shownthat men find the voices of ovulating women more attractive thanvoice recordings at other points in their period cycle. So to update their research, they swapped the recordings that werenearest to ovulation with those from a less fertile day. The second group in the new study still spotted thevoice during menstruation 34 per cent of the time. In fact, Pipitone and Gallup said all three groups pinpointed the'period' voices more than any other recordings.

Evidence has already shown that men subconsciously judge where awoman is in her menstrual cycle. According to the men taking part in the experiments, they couldtell the women were menstruating by four key indicators in therecordings - mood, quality, pitch and speed. Some said that the menstrual recordings appeared lower in pitch,quality and mood.

In evolutionary terms, an aversion to menstruation, whetherconscious or subconscious, is logical because males will seek femaleswho are ovulating in order to pass on their genes.

"The men seemed to determine menstrual voices by picking themost unattractive voice," the Daily Mail quoted Pipitoneas saying. He added that it is hormones that give the women away, by inducingvocal change. "Vocal production is closely tied to our biology. Forexample, cells from the larynx and vagina are very similar and showsimilar hormone receptors," he said. Gallup concluded that "the sound of a person's voice containsa surprising amount of reproductively relevant information." The study has been published in the journal Ethology.