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Nope, No Vamp Here..

Desperation for copy apparently permits female journalists to make shit up. But let's assume that this is real and happening to someone you know..

Better sharpen the nails..
The New Adulteress
Women who cheat with married men are no longer getting a bad rap. Today's mistress isn't a vamp, she's not desperate, and she's not afraid to poach what's yours
The endless pursuit of market share by the women's mags carry no bounds when it comes to exposing the amoral attitudes of women. I am trying to think as to whom this actually benefits, why would they even expose this if not to tar all women with the same brush and ofcourse include the husbands as well..
vamp - informal
noun, a woman who uses sexual attraction to exploit men.
verb [ trans. ] blatantly set out to attract
The journalist must have a different dictionary to mine..
She claims that banging your friend's husband is not desperation and being a vamp is not even considered unreasonable. These are desperate times where the girls apparently, have no issues with poaching just for the sake of some company, any company, even if it means destroying a friends marriage, not a problem at all..

Enlightening issues to ponder and applying even more pressure on the female's wellbeing and body image is the order of the day with any of these magazines and they walk out the door as willing enthuisiasts inhale this inane drivel on a daily basis just to ensure they are totally uncomfortable with themselves, thereby raising their own angst-level in order to blame others for their "emotional" self loathing, mood swings, promoting the never ending "life sucks" mantra. They cannot feel good about themselves and need to be told why. Cannot just go without the latest "news" of course and did I mention the gossip, that's where you get to read how other women screwed up their lives just to make you feel better. and while we are at it have a look at the dress that even they are pushed to afford. So in actual fact the overall affect is quite neutral(misery-blame) which ofcourse makes them go back for more..

Having flicked thru a few on the odd occasion when there was nothing else on the table, not even a medical journal on lobotomies, it would appear to be the case that you could indeed pick up any example and the messages were all the same. It's almost like they have a premenstrual erm, a brainstorming session before any are printed just to ensure the projection of misery and angst is synchronised..

This one is actually called "Women's Health", where it should in reality be termed "Women's Misery and Angst" instead. Here are the latest headlines..

You too can heighten your misery level by purchasing just one copy. Anyway, where was I. Oh yes, the bonking someone's husband stuff.

Too boring..