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Fascinating, finally a single feminist and one of their normally delusional, result enhancing and fact manipulating specialists, admits that "Women Shelters" are precisely what we have been saying all along..

According to Gerhard Amendt, Professor of Gender and Generation Research at the University of Bremen, representatives of the supposedly weaker sex are every bit as violent as their partners. The researcher concludes that women's shelters foster a devaluation of masculinity and should therefore be replaced by familiy counseling centers.
The problem is ofcourse that you cannot continue lying about something that is so obviously untrue  and dishonest, that even one feminist finally has a minor conscience issue and makes a cconfession. I am surprised, as I was not aware they were capable. I was of the opinion that lying to a feminist was akin to a fish needing water without the bike..
 The answers to a number of questions are still outstanding. Have the services performed in women's shelters stood the test of time? Are the shelters operated in a professional manner, and have they moved on from an ideology that views men as the perpetrators of violence and women as nonviolent? Have women’s shelters developed a professional understanding of family conflicts that enables them to extend their efforts and include all members of a violent family?
Err, NO, would be the obvious response ofcourse. The good Professor Carey Roberts has had a good look at the "Women's Shelter", hypothetically speaking ofcourse, but he found that not only were they the "hotbed" of radical feminism, used as training and indoctrination centres, they also shuffled the  supposed victims from one shelter to the next, he found that the women staying in those shelters were vagabonds, drug addicts and someone looking for a bed for the night, just looking for a place to stay. They were some of the better behaved, at those subsidised overnight accommodation centres. The list goes on and on about the blatant dishonesty those shelter managers and staff were indulging in and they treated their "borders" as statistics to ensure the numbers looked right for the next trip to the trough for more taxpayer dollars..

Not one shelter in the US or any other country, as far as I am aware, are regulated or even checked, besides in this one study but this article is from Germany and nothing has changed since as far as I can tell..
As usual, the slated funding guarantees are based on no more than the convenient statistic that "every fourth woman will become the victim of relationship violence at some time in her life." Since there is no comparable data that would apply to men, the number is poorly suited as legitimization for women's shelters. Up until now, reference was made to the role of women as victims, and funding for such institutions was automatically renewed. The effectiveness of the shelters was not monitored. At the same time, the statistic was used to popularize their work. In the pre-Christmas season of 2007, a media campaign was launched in Austria under the slogan “Verliebt. Verlobt. Verprügelt” (In Love. Engaged. Battered). The German lottery also runs public service spots pertaining to the matter. While all this has little bearing on the circumstances under which men and women actually conduct their lives, it couldn’t document more clearly a bias against men.
The radical feminists are in their element right there. As we have already clearly witnessed, radical feminists are the scourge of any male alive or already peacefully buried. Their entire motivation is to ensure that every man and boy is either charged, beaten, maligned or whenever possible, jailed for something he has not done, a false rape charge always works well and as radical feminist Robin Morgan once proffered "A false rape claim would benefit any male" or something similar, that's a radical feminist for you. They would be happier if the entire population of the planet consisted solely of estrogen carriers rather than the ones who know how to deal with it..

The Feminist Ideology: A Hotbed of Misandry

Granted, there may be shelters that have jettisoned their ideological ballast, but even the term “women’s shelter” itself always implies the disastrous ideology of radical feminism, whereby relationships between men and women are characterized by their respective status as victim and perpetrator. According to that, women can do nothing and men are completely in charge. Thus, women's shelters perpetuate the destruction of communication within partnerships as a political project within the gender discussion.
The conclusions are obvious. The concept of ideologically based women’s shelters is no longer needed. What families with violence problems urgently need is a network of counseling centers that can provide unbiased and nondiscriminatory assistance to all of the parties involved.
If there is one thing I cannot stand, it's a confession after the deed has already been done, didn't work out and a lot of people suffered because of it and after 40 years they turn around and finally confess they screwed it up, good and proper. It's a rare confession from a feminist. That rare that it could actually be the first one. No matter, how long before we have the joint confession and admission that they have screwed up everything they promoted and forced onto society..

Well it's a start. Unfortunately, it's dated and nothing has changed..