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It is easy to demonstrate the similarities between the AGW hysterics and feminism as all you have to do is just take a little time to process the information, it's all out there..
Over the past few decades and earlier, we have documented reports and evidence about feminists threatening life and limb on anyone who dares to go against their lunacy and questions any of their abhorrent behaviour or methodology. They threatened the originator of the Family centres with a shortened lifespan because she had the temerity to demand that both sexes should be included..

The damn cheek.

Scientists falsify data to get research published and whistleblowers are bullied into keeping quiet,' claim their own colleagues

 However, we appear to have those same issues arise when questioning climate scientists who are of the opinion that we are all going to be barbecued in our beds over the next 20...10...5...2 years, if we do not drown first in the 100 meter sea rises they are predicting, that is. They have yet to explain where that water is coming from but that just idle chatter and not a question one asks if one is a serious scientist..

 But it gets worse, a lot worse.'s...Nemo. Apparently Nemo is just another victim, (sound familiar) of not only the (anticipated frog in the boiling glass phenomenon) water temperature rising past boiling point, but, apparently, he will be too pissed to notice it.

It's just too shocking to contemplate, it's more than that, it's appalling..
Carbon dioxide in the ocean acts like alcohol on fish, leaving them less able to judge risks and prone to losing their senses. The intoxication adds to the threats that global warming and ocean acidification pose to marine ecosystems.
Carbon dioxide encourages risky behaviour in clownfish

Apparently the affect of CO2, that deadly gas that we have been re-introduced to recently and just kept exhaling, does more than just feed plants. It, gasp..., gives some fish a hangover. I know, It's that other word again.yep, appalling. Everyone is appalled..
[researchers] at James Cook University in Townsville, Queensland, Australia, have previously found that if you put reef fish into water with more CO2 than normal in it – similar to the levels expected in oceans by the end of the century – they become bolder and attracted to odours they would normally avoid, including those of predators and unfavourable habitats.
The overall affect on humans on this planet have been dramatic as well. Not the getting pissed part, but the CO2 part. Some people are reacting so severely that it is actually affecting their skin colour. Take a look at this sufferer..

She has turned white..