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Richard (MGTOW) requested that I do an article about divorce court settlements and divorce in general, as the amounts being paid out to women, in most cases, just for being there. Having had no active involvement in the making of the money that she scoops up after the divorce. It is a well known fact already,  that women's claim fame for being gold-diggers, they are even now looking for some DNA markers to see whether or not it is that deeply ingrained in their nature..

Once again though I resist coming across as making the generalities accusation, but how can one not generalise when we have the endless line waiting outside the courts and the final judgment demonstrating that marriage for women is indeed a very, very lucrative proposition. Ask the former Mrs McCarthy, someone worked out that she was paid $ 4000.00 per hour for the disadvantage of being married to a wealthy man for a few years. It must have been really hard, downright awful, poor thing..

Kobe Bryant Divorce: Vanessa Gets $75M in Property Settlement

Heather Mills wins £24.3m Paul McCartney divorce payout

Cleese's $23m divorce 'unfair' - leaves me poorer than her

So we have over 120 Million plus dollars paid out to three females who would, of their own accord, not stood a hope in hell of generating even a fraction of that money, using their own "talents". On the face of it it can only be seen as thievery, daylight robbery in the first degree. Those "partners" have no right to those fortunes as they do not possess an ounce of ability or talents that the three men above have already clearly demonstrated they possess. It has always been stated that the feminist hegemony is responsible for these ludicrous payout via intrusion into the legislation pertaining to divorce, one that it is designed to transfer money from Men to Women via their interference via jurisprudence, knowing full well they would stand a better chance of fleecing some funds from a deluded female than any expert or talented businessman. It is Men who have that ability of making money by persistence, hard work and taking risks, from minor to extreme amounts and it's easy to see where the majority of the richest women in the world got their money from and it was not because they were talented enough to procure it..

The other side of the coin is why there's not any action or lobby group actively trying to change the laws that have been instituted solely against them. Why have these wealthy Men shied away from committing any or some dollars to their own cause or to the Men's Movement cause beggars believe..

It almost appears that they enjoy the reaming they received at their own expense and probably too stunned to do something, anything about it. Anyway, that's what I am hoping anyway.