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Radical feminists are the driving force behind the feminist movement. Those radicals as can be seen here, are the integral part of the promotion of that hate movement's activities against males, as they promote female superiority and supremacy, steer it's course. If there are still people in doubt, have a look at the link above and that will demonstrate precisely where those male loathers are at and are all about..

The "pretend" feminists of all colour, shapes and sizes, live in complete ignorance and denial about these radicals, their function in that hate movement. Those same "rosy" feminists still choose to claim that feminism is about equality without realising how rediculous they are spouting that dream. The Radical Feminists put the "nazy" into feminazy, giving it relevance and meaning..

Radical feminists demonstrate clearly why they are not even remotely interested in equality. If one has a look at any book or article produced by these radicals, you will never see any mention or resolvability or acceptability or even one single specific effort for equality, this is ofcourse not their intention, aim, goal or outcome. They demand and strive for supremacy at any cost and any price, as they know they are the not the one who is going to pay the price..

Below is a small list of these radicals at work in Australia at the moment, trying to introduce and have already in cases, manipulated legislation to ensure that women only benefit from any new laws introduced. This is how they work. They produce their own statistics, introduce false information via biased studies and peddle them off to politicians as real evidence. They ensure that if any politician, either male or female, does not toe their sickening timeframe and refuses to ensure their biased male hating legislation is passed, will be labeled as a women hater and or a misogynists, often both. That is the tactic they have used for years and it has worked well. The inject fear into anyone who dares go against their feminists zietgeist, in order to achieve their undeclared outcomes..

Another detailed list of the National Plan’s sources can be found here.

The Greater circle of Australian Radical Feminists
One little known portion of the website, which is the site that hosts the Radfem forums, is a series of pages that they call ‘The Fury’.[10] The amount of information that is on The Fury is not large, but what is on there is very telling about Australian radical feminism and how the site’s members are connected outside of their small circle. On one of the pages, there is a list of names and short biographies, which the site considers to be radical feminists of note inside Australia. There list includes,Diane Bell, Susan Hawthorne, Sheila Jeffreys, Renate Klein, Jocelynne A. Scutt, Mary Lucille Sullivan, Denise Thompson, Bronwyn Winter and Betty McLellan.[11]


Two names come specifically to mind and that is Renate Klein and Susan Hawthorne. Two radical feminists who have already declared their membership to the inner chamber, the inner  of the hte chamber, a sanctum where all that hate generation, blossoms..

Here is an article by those two frauds..

Tankard Reist: Sugar would not even melt in her mouth..
The authentic feminism of Melinda Tankard Reist

As her publishers at Spinifex Press, Australia's only feminist publishing house (and secular), we take issue with these portrayals of Melinda Tankard Reist. It is easy to try to dismiss someone by smacking on a "fundamentalist" (whether Christian or Muslim, Hindu or Jewish) label and thereby dismiss the arguments that a person makes. What is less easy, but more ethical and intellectually rigorous, is to examine Tankard Reist's views - which are shared by many feminists and other advocates for social justice and human rights - and to see what the factual arguments for those views are.
Tankard-Reist, I am told is something else besides being one of them (being a conservative religious fundamentalist). That her principals and writing cannot be aligned with that hate movement's aims and goals. But you are judged by the company you keep and from the look of it, she has wallowed into the atrophying behaviour and thinking processes that those radicals find reason to comment about. Claiming that she is one of them and her efforts are in tone with their own thinking. I for one am not convinced that she is a blameless individual or an innocent bystander as she edits books for that feminist ( Even a cursory examination of her writings and the books she has edited for Spinifex Press) press as well as producing books on emotive topics and articles to ensure that she gets exposure and recognition. She has also chosen to take the same path as radicals by ensuring that her input is regarded and seen to push their male hating agenda, producing emotive information about the porn industries and prostitution, both of which will guarantee access to government subsidy and largesse. Radical feminists have used both those issues to germinate the male hating legislation that is now on the legislation books and designed solely benefit women only at the cost of men's basic human rights..

Never have any of these radicals ever considered any other point of view other than their own slanted, doctored purview, never would they ever have considered that a male prostitute or porn actor could be there due to coercion or force just like females may be (in most cases they have been demonstrated that they are not, but in it for the money or confess that 25% porn users are women) but that would never be considered..

Feminists were never about equality..

Tankard Reist could be a devils advocate but I am not going to go through her ponderings, her books and articles to find out and will leave it to others who already have. But her input has found it's way into the feminists hegemony database of malice and misinformation, for future use. You can if you like go to the radfemhub blog(link to download,top r/h corner) and load your mind with the vitriol and malice those radical feminists have produced and etch their poison into your mind for the rest of your life and wonder how easy women can take the low road and be influenced by something that is so distorted and incomprehensible as allow it to contaminate their action and words to such a degree.It will find them being loathsome and devoid of any humanity at all. That effort will change your own attitude towards the opposite sex, forever. Believe me, it is not worth the effort to be that sickened to the stomach by their verbal and mordant behaviour. Best to not want to know(in reference to the 250Mb Agent Orange download material on the RADFEM Hub R/H sidebar)..
But in the end, Tankard Reist has thrown her lot in with them and that is where she is and will stay unless convinced otherwise..